Welcome to Abita Springs, LA, USA

Location of Origin: 21084 Louisiana 36 Abita Springs, LA 70433, USA
Date Established: 1986
Category: Independent Regional Craft Brewery/Brewpub, Beer sold in 46 States, 24th largest brewery (15th largest craft brewery) in US.

About a fourty minute drive north from The Big Easy sits a quaint, Bayou-style brew pub plopped in the middle of the Southern Louisiana pine forests. This is the home to the Abita Brewing Company, the pride and joy of Abita Springs since 1986. Like the rest of the Deep South, tradition is a religion in Louisiana, and the people of Abita embody that lasting tradition when they brew their beer. Using pure, unaltered deep well water, Abita prides itself on crafting high quality beer, without the use of preservatives (except hops), additives, or stabilizers, and all of their beer is cold filtered. Down in Abita Springs which has a population of 2,400, life and things are simple. Much of the town still uses artesian well water to live, and aside from the brewery, the economy is primarily based on museum tourism, antiques, and occasional farming. And that is what Abita's beer is all about. While they operate a modern, state of the art facility which runs on an energy efficient system, when it comes to their beer, they prefer keeping things simple, pure, and true - they true Abita Springs, LA way.

Reviewed Beer from Abita Brewing Company

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All rated Beer from Abita Brewing Company

7-02-16 - Wrought Iron IPA - 3.11, American IPA, 6.90%
11-27-14 - Select Naughty Quaker - 3.10, Oatmeal Stout, 6.00%
1-19-12 - Abita Springs Christmas Ale - 3.12, American Brown Ale, 5.50%
This spicy winter warmer actually changes recipies each year. As the name suggests, this is only available during the months of December and January. A malty, and somewhat bitter brown, this top-filtered, medium bodied brew goes great with some of the non-alcoholic holiday treats.
1-19-12 - Abita Springs Fall Fest - 3.78, Oktoberfest, 5.40%
This is a full bodied German style Marzen (Oktoberfest) which is brewed with haullertau hops and both crystal and pale malts. A bold, rich malty flavor pays homage to the annual harvest festival held in Bavaria each fall. According to Abita, this beer goes great with moderate cheeses like swiss and gruyere.
3-16-11 - Abita Springs Purple Haze - 3.75, Fruit Beer, 4.20%
The Flagship Purple Haze is a light, crisp, and pretty refreshing beer that features a very fruity (raspberry) and partly filtered presence. This light bodied, moderately carbonated, golden (with a sometimes purple foam head) colored brew is characterized by the addition of real raspberries (puree) to the beer after filtration, leaving behind trace amounts of raspberry pulp, which adds to the whole purity concept. This has a fruity aroma and a tart, yet very sweet taste. It is best paired with lighter, sweeter dishes like dessert.