Beer And Seafood Can Go Hand in Hand

Location of Origin: Sole Bay Brewery Southwold, Suffolk, IP18 6JW, England, UK
Date Established: 1872
Category: Publicly Owned Regional Brewery, Produces about 85,000 barrels a year.

Adnams is a brewery located in Southwald, a quaint British sea-town which has a long history with seafood and fishing. No, we're not talking about Cod/Haddock Fish and Chips with mushy peas. Back in the day, it was common to drink dry stout after a long day of oyster fishing... oystering, or whatever it's called. It became such a trend, that breweries crafted Oyster Stouts for people who enjoyed the pair of beer and fresh caught oysters, and yes, it was brewed with real oysters (most of the time). Adnams offers their oyster stout on a winter/seasonal basis, but don't fret, because they offer a wide range of beer all year. And perhaps most importantly, they offer what the Brits call "Americans call warm beer. And whether you like your beer cold or not, you might want to give the Oyster stout a try in the winter... and yes, with a plate of oysters.

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5-17-10 - Oyster Stout - 2.78, Oyster Stout, 4.30%
This traditional Oyster from England is distributed between February and March. It features a classic dry stout finish, a thick foam head, and a rich chocolate and bitter array of tastes. Malts used include pale, chocolate, roasted barley, and crystal, on top of Goldings hops, which contributes to the dry taste. Contrary to traditional English Oyster Stout brewing practices, no Oysters are used with the brewing process, but you are still wise to pair this with a plate of fresh oysters.