Putting Expertise to Work

Location of Origin: 401 Cross Street, Lexington, KY 40508, USA
Date Established: 1980 (Alltech), 1999 (Brewery in its current form)
Category: Subsidiary, Micro Brewery (and Future Distillery) of Alltech, A Global Animal Health, Food Safety, Agricultural, and Nutrition Conglomerate With a Footprint of 128 Countries, 3 Bioscience Centers, and 32 Manufacturing Plants, And Beer Distribution in 8 states.

More than thirty years ago, Dr. Pearse Lyons founded what would eventually become a global agriculture, food nutrituion, and animal health conglomerate with 3,000 employees world wide, and nearly $1 Billion in revenue. Funny enough, the company had no interest in beer, but with the industry, came the opportunity. Food chemistry, food safety, and working with agricultural products are all things heavily involved with brewing beer, and Alltech is a leader in all of those fronts. In 1999, this prospect was realized when Lyons purchased the near-obselete Lexington Brewery, which began the production process in 2000 with their Flagship Kentucky Ale. The brewery was unable to find a consistent owner or holding company to manage it after the repeal of prohibition. It was constantly changing hands and this general lack of organization and committment greatly devalued the facility. When Alltech moved in, the brewery finally began to flourish like it had when it originally opened 1794. Alltech's familiarity with cereals and yeast made it an unpredicatable match made in heaven and today, the brewery's beer has won numerous domestic awards, mainly, for their Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, which was first released in 2004.

Reviewed Beer from Alltech Lexington Brewery and Distilling Company

6-25-12 - Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

All rated Beer from Alltech Lexington Brewery and Distilling Company

6-21-12 - Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale - 3.28, American Strong Ale, 8.18%
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