From Humble Beginnings

Location of Origin: 10 University Drive, Amherst, MA, 01002, USA
Date Established: 1997
Category: Independent, Micro, Craft Brewpub With Local Distribution.

Like any small business, the Amherst Brewpub began with a great idea from people with a passion for something. In this case, yes, their passion coincided with beer. But this wasn't just another dot-com like startup. Amherst was a result of decades and decades of hard work and experimentation. Only a year after President Jimmy Carter made it legal for people to homebrew in 1978, John Korpita, the man who currently owns the brewery, began experimenting with small batches of unique brew ideas and recipes. Like all homebrewing stories, many didn't work. But what did immediately became a success, and not long after, Korpita was brewing 50 batches a year. He continued this expansion as a hobby, winning numerous local and state awards along the way. And after a career change, a couple of new business ventures, making a couple new friends, and as the Amherst Brewery's website states, some "luck," the First National Bank Building in Amherst was purchased as the opening site for the brewery. Expansions and upgrades were made to the facility until the company moved to its current location in a former Gold's Gym on University Drive. And now the customers of Amherst can enjoy a fresh pint, some good food, local bands, and friends all without having to pay for parking meters.

Reviewed Beer from Amherst Brewing Company

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All rated Beer from Amherst Brewing Company

5-30-15 - Toasted Coconut Porter - 3.09, American Porter, 5.80%
8-24-12 - Olde #7 Anniversary Ale - 1.94, American Strong Ale, 6.85%
This is a complex, deep red colored beer with a thick, dense foam head with a long life. A moderate amount of carbonation action gives this a stronger hoppy arma with some toasty notes present. Very bitter overall with a slight balance of light malt. Overpowering and choppy.
6-02-12 - Black Friday - 3.47, Russian Imperial Stout, 9.00%
A recent addition to the impressively expansive line-up, this relatively forgiving stout is packed with deep coffee and toasty flavors and aromas. A higher alcoholic content does deliver a warming effect, and the color of this beer is undoubtedly matched by its name. A nice thick foam head invites big stout fans. And by big we mean the beer, not the fan.