Experimentation Is A Virtue

Location of Origin: 5763 Arapahoe Ave # E, Boulder, CO 80303, USA
Date Established: 1993
Category: Independent, Local Microbrewery, Moderate National Keg and Bottled Distribution, with 8,000 barrels of annual output.

As it states on their website, Avery of Boulder Colorado is all about being willing to try and experiment. Their flagship and mainstay brews' recipies are the results of the primitive trial and error homebrewing style which many individuals engage in as a hobby. And yes, this was all started through homebrewing. That was in 1993, when commercial production of Avery beer first started. Today, the brewery produces at capacity which lies at 8,000 bbl/year. Avery is a pure ale brewhouse, which means that the equipment they use only produces top fermenting beers which take less time (and sometimes warmer temperatures) to produce. For this reason, there are no lagers from Avery. The brewery makes five perrenial offerings, and three seasonal six pack (bottled) offerings, most of them distributed nation wide. The brewery also produces a wide range of "experimental" beers known by their creators as the Holy Trinity of Ales Series, The Dictators Series, The Barrel Aged/Annual series, and other special addition series - all top fermented, and all available in many other states. Though Avery is still considered by most as a small brewery, it is somewhat common to find a perrenial offering by them at one of the local pubs in any large city. Just make sure you get them on tap. It goes to show that you don't have to be internationally recognized and massively funded offer a vast array of beers... In fact, the industry usually works the other way around. Funny how that is.

Reviewed Beer from Avery Brewing Company

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All rated Beer from Avery Brewing Company

9-23-15 - Gored! - 3.01, Pumpkin Ale, 5.30%
4-09-15 - New World Porter - 3.28, American Porter, 6.70%
7-06-13 - Twenty Anniversary Ale - 3.77, American Double/Imperial Ale, 9.70%
1-09-12 - Ellie's Brown Ale - 3.54, American Brown Ale, 5.50%
Ellie's is a very malty, sweet, and dark colored ("Deep Russet") brown ale that is very easy to drink. Moderately carbonated and low attenuation. This beer uses Munich 10L, Caramel 120L, Chocolate, and Two Row Barley malts, and Bullion, Fuggles, and Cascade hops, giving it an IBU of 17 and an overall gravity of 1.056. The beer gets its name (and its label picture) from Ellie, a Chocolate lab (1992 - 2002). The beer has won numerous domestic awards. It is offered as a perrenial brew in six packs of cans and bottles, cases, and sixth and half barrel kegs. This medium-full bodied beer features a very chocolatey and somewhat nutty flavor that makes this great with meats, dessert, and even Mexican Food.