Straight Simple Pleasure

Location of Origin: 10051 Old Grove Road, San Diego, CA, 92131, USA
Date Established: 1996
Category: Independent, Micro, Craft Brewery With Continued Expansion, and Moderate Regional and Fair National Distribution.

You know the story. A beer enthusiast (or small team) falls in love with craft beer and home brewing. So they try to produce a little more, adding in different brewing recipes and styles to the mix. Soon, their friends, family, co-workers, whoever begin to understand that this can be a little bit more than a hobby. So some sort of licensing occurs, and the founders of a newly established nano/micro brewery begin to see their dreams being realized right before their eyes. All because they loved beer, making it, drinking it, and sharing it. With the added element of starting a retail outlet in the form of a craft beer supply store (Home Brew Mart) in San Diego in 1992, Ballast Point Brewing Company follows this same old story. Jack White (founder of the store), and Yuseff (co-founder of the brewery) opened up their nautically themed microbrew house on the premise that they both loved beer. Yuseff's love for fishing gave the brewery its theme. In the many years that have followed since, the brewery has grown at a considerable rate, with distribution spanning both coasts, and their beers being decorated with numerous awards and accolades on both the domestic and international fronts.

Reviewed Beer from Ballast Point Brewing

8-08-12 - Sculpin

All rated Beer from Ballast Point Brewing

2-12-16 - Commodore Stout - 2.84, American Stout, 6.50%
8-05-12 - Sculpin - 2.87, American IPA, 7.00%
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