"One If By Land, Two If By Sea"

Location of Origin: 18 Elgin Street, Stoughton, Massachusetts 02072-4150, USA
Date Established: 2012
Category: Independent, Craft, Microbrewery With Locally Focused Distribution.

Fueled by outrage from the Boston Massacre, its resulting "innocent" court hearings, the "Intolerable Acts", tyrant King George III, and of course increasingly unfair taxation without representation, American colonists had enough when word got out that the British were heading over to Boston to destroy and confiscate local arms stores and caches held by Massachusetts militia. Robert Newman, a sexton at the Old North Church became aware of the plot when he overheard the secret plans in his home, part of which had been rented out to British Officers. On the night of April 18th, 1775, after he pretended to fall asleep, he snuck out, headed over to the church with John Pulling and Thomas Bernard, and hung the famous lanterns in its steeple, warning of the coming Red Coats. The signal was devised by none other than Paul Revere who, upon seeing the warning, made his famous midnight ride with William Dawes and others, announcing that "The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming!" The warning proved successful as local militia now had the ability to prepare themselves for the upcoming battle the next day. After sunrise, hundreds of Red Coats marched through Cambridge, down the road toward the arms cache in Concord. On the way in Lexington, they were met by some 77 militia who in vain, had a minor battle with the Red Coats, despite being outnumbered 5-1. They were quickly overwhelmed by the British, who suffered no losses, and continued their march to Concord. However by the time they had reached Concord, hundreds of minutemen gathered and quickly outnumbered British Forces. Outnumbered, outsmarted, and ultimately defeated, the disheartened British troops abandoned their wounded and hastily made the decision to retreat home, under heavy fire. Guerilla like minutemen flanked and inundated the british, firing from deep woods, from behind stone walls, and even in trees, picking off the retreating British as they made their way back to the relative safety of British occupied Boston. Ambushes further depleted British forces on what is now referred to as "Battle Road". In all, the British suffered the majority of the casualties, and the American Revolutionary War had officially begun.

Founded by Jeremy Cross and Scott Houghton last year, Battle Road Brewery is a fermented tribute to the events which led up to the Revolution, as well as the general history of Boston. Their beer is named for events and things relating to the Revolution, including their flagship, 1775, the year the Revolutionary War began. The two have a list of accolades and experience when it comes to brewing, including years spent at Beer Works locations. Brewing consulting, and homebrewing are also a part of their experience, which has led them to Battle Road, whose first beer was brewed in the same brewhouse where Cross's made his first brew, 16 years earlier. Their beer is currently made in Ipswich, and is distributed around Massachusetts. They have three current offerings, all ales.

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All rated Beer from Battle Road Brewing Company

6-01-13 - Barrett's Farmhouse Ale - 3.41, Saison/Farmhouse Ale, 5.50%
Named for the Concord, MA farm where the Massachusetts' militia had their weaponry stored, this saison ale is lighter with a balanced malty and citrusy Hallertau Mittelfruh hoppy character. This beer has a light weight, a refreshing and crisp feel, and a somewhat dry finish. This is a good hot weather beer, but not without real flavor or substance.
6-01-13 - 1775 Tavern Ale - 3.92, American Pale Ale, 5.40%
The flagship beer of Battle Road, this beer is named after the year in which the American Revolutionary War began. This is a traditional Pale Ale using Solvenian grown hops and German style sweet roasted caramel malt delivering a diverse and well balanced flavor as well as aromatic experience. This copper colored beer is medium bodied with an average weight and a slightly above average level of carbonation.