"My Favorite Things"

Location of Origin: 100 Searsport Avenue, Belfast, Maine, 04915, USA
Date Established: 1996
Category: Independent, Micro, Craft Brewery with some Regional Distribution And 14,000 Barrels of Annual Output.

Louisiana (Crawfish), Oregon (Dungeness Crab), and Maryland (Blue Crab) are the only US states to have declared official State Crustaceans. But perhaps the state other than these three known most for its hard shelled tasty livestock is Maine with the North Atlantic's American Lobster. Once regarded as merely bottom feeder food for slaves and indentured servants (there was actually a law that stated you could only serve lobster to your servants a maximum six times per week... shame), the Lobster is a highly regarded delicacy and widely prized seafood in all corners of the globe, with its lucrative, high-margins industry, and unparalleled taste. And when people from outside of Maine think of Maine, two things come to mind. Lobster, and real American Craft Beer. Maine is home to 31 breweries, making it fifth in the country with only 42,850 residents per brewery. Probably inspired by this knowledge, Belfast Bay Brewing has embraced two of Maine's most prized exports by basing the theme of their brewery and their beers after the lobster industry. A great homage you'd think, but a bit lazy when you realize that's the only real option they have. A good thing, still.

Reviewed Beer from Belfast Bay Brewing Company

10-07-12 - McGovern's Oatmeal Stout
7-30-12 - Lobster Ale

All rated Beer from Belfast Bay Brewing Company

9-13-12 - McGovern's Oatmeal Stout - 3.86, Oatmeal Stout, 5.10%
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7-21-12 - Lobster Ale - 2.43, American Red, 5.00%
Please see review above.