"Waste Not. Want Another"

Location of Origin: 17 Cotley Street, Berkley, Massachusetts 02779, USA
Date Established: 2012
Category: Independent, Craft, Microbrewery With Localized Distribution (Eastern Massachusetts)

They say that if you follow your passion, it'll take you to amazing places. Well, although Berkley Beer is a small scale brewing operation based out of the bottom of a barn, it appears as though they chose quality over quantity. The Berkley Beer idea was born out of a love for homebrewing as many microbreweries do. Starting out with hit or miss five gallon batches in a kitchen, the operation was nothing more than a loved hobby. Out of necessity, their homemade brewing equipment was expanded (built by themselves out of "repurposed materials") and moved to their barn, where bigger scale brewing began. After being shared with enthusiastic friends and family, the brewery decided to make it official, becoming the Berkley Beer Company. The brewery is still operating where it began, but with new state of the art equipment, a real brand, and commercial distribution across Eastern Massachusetts. They currently offer three different mainstay brews, all of which are top fermented. Each of their beers is available in 22 oz Bottles, and the brewery itself has participated in regional events including last week's American Craft Beer Festival. As far as their beer is concerned, like we said: this is some very high quality beer. Ingredients are sourced from Europe and North America, and because it is brewed in small batches, it is closely monitored and recipes are painstakingly maintained and amended in case the brewers find any need.

Reviewed Beer from Berkley Beer Company

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All rated Beer from Berkley Beer Company

5-31-14 - Farmhouse Ale - 2.81, American Pale Ale, 5.00%

5-31-14 - Golden Ale - 2.86, American Pale Ale, 5.00%

5-31-14 - Belgian Style Triple - 3.30, Tripel, 8.90%

6-01-13 - Coffee Porter - 4.21, American Porter, 6.00%
This porter is brewed with dark roasted malt giving it a deep coffee espresso and semi-sweet dark chocolate fully fledged flavor and fairly high strength aroma. This is a full bodied brew with a lot of substance, but still pretty easy to drink, and definitely rewarding in terms of a complex, sweet, rich, and bold flavor profile. This beer has some signature nutty and sweet biscuity notes as well as a hint of balancing delicate hops. Though we were able to get our hands on some of it, this beer will not be fully available until November of 2013.
6-01-13 - IPA - 3.11, American IPA, 7.00%
The flagship brew of sorts, this IPA uses 2 row, Munich, and Caramel malts to balance the Nugget, Columbus and Cascade North American hops which give this beer a pretty bitter overall taste. This beer has notes of citrus and some bittersweetness toward the finish, which has a slightly lingering bitter aftertaste. This is a medium light bodied beer with an elevated level of carbonation and a medium low weight. With an IBU of 65, it is definitely bitter, but balanced and not overpowering.