It's Boss Time

Location of Origin: 1249 Wicker Drive, Raleigh, NC, 27604, USA
Date Established: 2006
Category: Independent, Craft Microbrewery With Limited Regional Distribution.

Founded by a UNC graduate and a 12 year veteran Brewmaster, Big Boss is a down to Earth brewery in Raleigh which specializes in ales, particularly those of European origin. They pride themselves on crafting brews that satisfies the beer lover entirely. Boss produces brews meant to be enjoyed, not cherished, not critiqued, and certainly not chugged. They believe, according to their website, that real beer is meant to be exactly what the consumer thinks it should be - enjoyed. They describe their ideal relationship with the beer drinker as a "house brand," a go-to beer if you will. Their philosophy is that you don't always need to go out of your way to find your "best rated" beer. And we agree. Your favorite beer doesn't have to be something that is universally acclaimed, extremely high in alcohol, very expensive, rare, exclusive, or even what you consider to be the best tasting. Your favorite is what it is because of a range of reasons but most importantly, it's your go to. Whether its available everywhere, or only in specialty stores, whenever you have one, you know what it is, and you know it's going to be a good one.

Reviewed Beer from Big Boss Brewing

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All rated Beer from Big Boss Brewing

6-02-12 - Bad Penny Brown Ale - 3.17, American Brown Ale, 5.50%
This is a traditional brown with a very dark brown/reddish color, a thick foam head, and a moderate level of carbonation. Chocolate malts (among others) give this beer a nice sweeter, yet robust taste and set of aromas. With an IBU of 25, a slightly hoppy finish rounds out this medium bodied beer which goes great with meats and cheeses.