Out of the Flock

Location of Origin: Wellgarth Crosshills, Masham, Ripon, North Yorkshire HG4 4EN, England, United Kingdom
Date Established: 1991, Became a PLC in 1992
Category: Public Limited, Regional Brewery With Moderate International Presence and Distribution, Produces 70,000 Barrels Annually.

Started in 1992, the Black Sheep brewery is a regional brewery which specialises in very hoppy beers, a practice which stems from an earlier business, T&R Theakston Brewery, which produces mainly yeasty, and fruity brews. The strategy paid off, and immediately, Black Sheep beer became a regional hit. The company converted unused warehouse and malting space to facilitate tours and brewery visits. Many local pubs even display the company's logo (some without even offering any of their brews) as a result of a marketing campaign to spread the word about the brewery. Signage and branding materials are handed out to pub owners at no charge. The brewery has also experimented with new brew styles, retired old ones, and brought back beers from retirement, and today, the brewery offers nine different permanent offerings, in both Cask and Bottle Conditioned styles. All of Black Sheep's brews are suitable for vegans as well.

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All rated Beer from Black Sheep Brewery PLC

6-09-11 - Monty Python Holy Grail Ale - 3.06, English Pale Ale, 4.70%
Yes, this is the official brew of the Monty Python franchise. This is a bottle conditioned ale features a very hoppy experience with some fruitiness and a dry finish. Very aromatic with fruity and malty notes. This beer is Black Sheep's most popular North American beer.