To Be Brutally Honest...

Location of Origin: Buzzards Bay Brewing (Contract), 98 Horseneck Road, Westport, MA, 02790, USA
Date Established: 2010
Category: Micro, Craft Contract Brewer Whose Products are Brewed by Buzzards Bay Brewing With Limited State-Wide (MA) Distribution in Bottles, Cans, and Kegs.

Started by a brewing industry veteran named Matthew Steinberg, Blatant is a contract brewery which focuses on ales. They currently brew two kinds of ales out of Buzzards Bay Brewing including a flagship IPA and their lighter Session Ale. According to their website, a double stout is on the way, and another IPA may be on the docket. Either way, this is a humble, yet optimistic operation. They run their website more like a blog informing their fans and users about the happenings with their company, including tales of looking for new, more permanent host breweries. Steinberg posts first person updates on the company's facebook page from his personal account. And though this is a small operation, they give a noble effort to market themselves. Blatant has been barticipating in festivals including the American Craft Beer Festival in June of 2012, showcasing their beers via tastings at local beer stores, and of course, leveraging social media. Still, at the time this was written, the brewery faces a bit of uncertainty going into the future as it battles the rest of the highly competitive Boston Area beer industry, the morbidities of an unknown brand, and finding a permanent brewing situation.

Reviewed Beer from Blatant Brewery

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All rated Beer from Blatant Brewery

12-02-14 - Pumpkin Ale - 2.79, Pumpkin Ale, 5.00%
8-24-12 - IPA - 2.74, American IPA, 6.50%
A traditional, typical American IPA with a nice malty beginning, quickly turning hoppy and bitter as the style takes over. Medium light bodied with a lower viscosity and an above average level of carbonation give this beer a slightly refreshing feel with a bit of substance to offer. There are some nice citrusy notes barely detectable as well.
6-02-12 - Session Ale - 2.41, American Blonde Ale, 3.75%
Smooth, light, forgiving, very drinkable, and easy going. Words this beer lives by. A well balanced brew with a hint of hoppiness, a fair amount of maltiness, and a lot of refreshment. Featuring a clean overall feel and a dry, crisp finish, this is a great beer for hot summer days and lighter meals.