Instant Gratification

Location of Origin: 2501 Southwest Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA
Date Established: 1988, First Began Production 1989
Category: Independent, Regional, Craft Brewery With Distribution in 22 States, 600,000 Barrels of Capacity, and 149,008 Barrels of Annual Output. 10 Largest US Craft Brewery, 17th Largest Active US Brewery, Largest Craft Brewery in the Mid-West, Largest Independent Brewery in Missouri.

Though most breweries have to go through a long, slow, painful process of becoming something relevant in any market besides its neighboring geographic location, Boulevard of Kansas City, MO is essentially the poster child of a brewery (or even just a business) which has enjoyed instant success. Officially listed as starting in 1989 (the idea was basically formed in 1988), this brewery started life in a retrofitted brick building. Today, the brewery is still located in the same Kansas City Location, but the because of the brewery's sensational performance, the facility has been upgraded and expanded many times over, eventually increasing its total capacity to its current level of 600,000 barrels/year, making it the largest craft brewery in the entire Mid-West region. The catalyst behind all of this success is the honesty and genuine character of their beer. Of course, this is something that can only be experienced. Unfortunately, this beer is not something made available everywhere, and although their beer is highly rated by critics and enjoyed by people in nearly half of the United States, it is has not been made widely available in the Northeast. Shame, because you can't really say something is good until it proves it actually is. A word of advice: if your beer is that successful, sell it everywhere else.

Reviewed Beer from Boulevard Brewing Company

2-20-14 - Dark Truth Stout
7-28-13 - Double Wide IPA
5-23-13 - Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale

All rated Beer from Boulevard Brewing Company

9-28-16 - Frequent Flier Session IPA - 3.17, American IPA, 4.20%
10-23-14 - Grainstorm Black Rye IPA - 3.65, American Black Ale, 7.70%
12-18-13 - Dark Truth Stout - 3.82, American Imperial Stout, 9.70%
Please see review above.
7-12-13 - Double Wide IPA - 3.78, American Double/Imperial IPA, 8.50%
Please see review above.
5-17-13 - Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale - 2.68, American Saison/Farmhouse Ale, 8.50%
Please see review above.
6-02-12 - Test Saison Noir - 1.94, American Saison/Farmhouse Ale, 8.75%
This is a fruity, sweet tasting, medium bodied, and dark bronze/brown beer released in limited quantities in kegs only. Strong in alcohol, accompanied by a warming effect. This beer has a lighter level of carbonation, a medium viscosity, a smooth feel, and a lingering, spicy finish.