A Goliathan Effort

Location of Origin: Rue du Castel 19, 7801, Irchonwelz, Ath, Wallonia, Hainaut, Belgium
Date Established: 1877
Category: Independent, Micro Brewery, with Moderate International Distribution, and Multiple Facilities.

Funny that this brewery is called Brasserie des Geants, which for non French speaking people means The Giant Brewery, because this is certainly not a large brewery at all. It is, in fact, quite quaint. Nestled in the meadows, "a few steps from Ath," and deep within the fortifications of the Chateau of Irchonwelz, this brewery is "protected" by walls up to 2 meters thick and 8.5 meters high. The town of Ath is known for annual summer festivals which take place the fourth weekend in August known as "Ducasse." These festivals' parades showcase huge mythological beasts like Goliath and Samson, which the brewery's name and the town's nick name ("City of Giants") are both derived. Though the brewery is small, it is definitely a hot spot for the locals, with plenty of events (including medieval festivals and beer tastings) to participate in and some involvement in both domestic and international beer tastings. The brewery currently produces five main varieties of beer, and go through secondary fermentation in both bottles and casks. They also recommend that the beer is cellared for four years, out of light, in basement temperature. We can't imagine that David will come around to shoot Geants down anytime soon, but we can assume the thought would never cross his mind after tasting their liquid magic.

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12-28-11 - Goliath Belgian Gouyasse Triple - 3.42, Tripel, 9.00%
Named in a similar manner to the brewery, the Goliath takes its name from the mythological creature which is paraded down the streets of Ath during the annual Ducasse festivals each summer. This is a strong, bold, and dark colored Tripel which creates a warming effect, especially during the cold winter months. This beer has some lighter sweet and malty notes, and finishes with a somewhat bitter aftertaste. Drink fairly cold with a nice pasta or meat based dinner.