Local Appreciation

Location of Origin: Contracted through 108 Cabot Street, Holyoke, MA 01040, USA
Date Established: 2011
Category: Local, Craft, Contract Micro Brewery with Beer Produced under Contract by Paper City Brewing, With limited local Statewide (MA) distribution.

The developed world has suffered as a result of the recent financial downturn. Because of this, many hard hit areas have gained a substantial appreciation for supporting the local economy by buying, selling, and distributing locally. Though Brewmaster Jack doesn't have their own facility, they contribute in many ways, the first being the grain they use to produce their flagship Stray Dog brew, an amber lager. All of their grain is grown in the state of Massachusetts and processed at the Vally Malthouse in Hadley, MA. Interestingly enough, the nearest American malthouse to Mass was in Wisconsin before Valley was established. The brewery also does all of their retail and distribution in the state, supporting local package stores, while keeping the overall operation humble, and locally minded. Their website lists the retail outlets where their beer is sold. They also list local stores where enthusiasts can pick up supplies for homebrewing. Their beer has been well received, gaining pretty high ratings around Massachusetts.

Reviewed Beer from Brewmaster Jack

None Yet.

All rated Beer from Brewmaster Jack

8-26-16 - Hoppiness Is A Warm Pun - 3.35, American Double/Imperial IPA, 8.20%
5-30-15 - Total Eclipse Rye Porter - 3.06, American Porter, 6.00%
5-31-14 - Ambrewsia - 3.63, American Double/Imperial IPA, 7.70%
6-02-12 - Stray Dog Lager - 3.69, American Amber/Red Lager, 4.50%
This is Brewmaster Jack's flagship beer. Though this is a lager, it drinks somewhat heavier with a medium body, moderate carbonation, very malty flavor and matching aromas. Brewed for a month with four kinds of hops and three grains, including two row barley, crystal malt, and munich malt.