Made To Please... Themselves.

Location of Origin: 335 Nick Rahall Greenway, Fayetteville, WV, 25840, USA
Date Established: 2010
Category: Independent, Craft, Microbrewery with one Facility and very limited local distribution.

This brewery has a very simple, yet effective philosophy (or policy) that dictates how their beer is crafted. According to Bridge Brew Works from West Virginia, their beer is made for themselves. They don't care if you don't like it, and quite honestly, the know not everyone will. But we agree when they state that there is no such thing as a special beer that is liked by everyone. They don't make beer that is meant to please everyone, which means to some, it'll be the best thing ever. To others, not so much. Bridge specializes in Belgian style beers which include confidence building barleywines and Tripels. Though the brewery is still only distributing in a small part of the state, they do participate in national craft beer festivals, including the American Craft Beer Fest which we attended in June in Boston. All we ask is why they haven't moved elsewhere yet. Perhaps the feeling that they don't care about whether you like them or not makes them more desirable. At least that's how it works at the bar.

Reviewed Beer from Bridge Brew Works

None Yet.

All rated Beer from Bridge Brew Works

5-30-15 - Peregrine Porter - 3.35, Baltic Porter, 7.20%
5-31-14 - Long Point Lager - 3.10, Dortmunder/Export Lager, 4.61%
6-02-12 - Coffee Stout - 3.30, American Stout, 5.36%
This is a fairly typical dark brew with a hint of coffee and semi-sweet chocolate in both the aroma and the overall flavor. Confidently malty with a nice roasted and creamy character, this beer is great for colder seasons and goes well with hearty foods. As is typical of the style, this beer pours thick with a rich, creamy off white head. Some bitter notes are present at the finish.