Milk It For All It's Worth

Location of Origin: 4021 New York 51, Garrattsville, NY 13342, USA
Date Established: 2005
Category: Independent, Micro Craft Brewery with Moderate Regional Distribution (6 States) and a 14 BBL Capacity

The cow says Moo... the pig says Oink. Those are the words we in the cities and 'burbs all grow up with in the good old days of preschool when we learn about what life is really like on a farm. Well, not exactly an accurate portrayal, but you get the idea. What's important is that we can use this valuable information about livestock, and apply it to a unique situation in the brewing industry. In the town of 1800 residents called Butternuts (yes, that's its real name) located in Central New York, there is a dairy farm. Only, it's not a dairy farm. It used to be one, until its current owner, Chuck Williamson decided that producing beer was more fun than producing milk. Fortunately, the idea took, and Butternuts Beer and Ale became a cult favorite in the North East. That was pretty recent and since then, the brewery has expanded distribution and is now served in a wide range of venues from hole in the wall local neighborhood pubs to swanky rooftop nightclubs in Manhattan. They currently produce four beers, all of them with a quirky overall demeanor.

Reviewed Beer from Butternuts Beer and Ale

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All rated Beer from Butternuts Beer and Ale

12-28-11 - Moo Thunder Farmhouse Stout - 2.98, Milk/Sweet Stout, 4.90%
Given that this brewery used to be a dairy farm, it's only obligitory that the produce a Milk Stout. This bitter, yet somewhat sweet, and fairly malty stout contains the typical unfermentable lactose sugar that gives it is sweeter, somewhat creamier character. Lower levels of carbonation, a higher viscosity, and a thick, rich, and creamy foam head give this medium full bodied beer a smooth and heavy feel.
7-16-11 - Porkslap - 3.17, American Pale Ale, 4.30%
At first, this beer gives off a sweet, nutty flavor that is reminiscent of a lighter English nut brown, but as it goes down, it's true flavor becomes apparent. Sweet turns into bitter, revealing the increased hops used to round out this quirky beer. Moderate carbonation, light bodied, and low viscosity.