Calculated Risk Taking

Location of Origin: 357 Salmon Brook Street, Granby, Connecticut 06305, USA
Date Established: March 28th, 2005
Category: Independent, Craft Brewpub, With Single Outlet Distribution

As we all know, the past five or so years haven't been the easiest for most. And even though the "Great Recession" is over, times are still not as good as they were only a decade ago. That is, unless you took advantage of perhaps the world's best buying opportunity in years. Whether it was real estate, businesses, cars, or stocks, prices of nearly everything (except gold) were depressed to the point where if you had saved your money prior to the beginning of 2008, you should currently be sitting pretty, provided you were willing to take a bit of risk. Stocks have jumped to record highs recently, the housing market is making a substantial rebound, and the price of cars is greatly increasing, again. And for risk takers who were able to throw some money around during the recession, that means gains and reward. Especially for a Connecticut watering hole called The Cambridge House Brewpub. The owner has, as many brewery owners do, an entrepreneurial spirit which inspired him to buy a troubled brewpub in Granby, CT, about an hour from his house. At first, he was unable to complete a transaction as the establishment went under contract. But after only another few months of waiting, it was up for sale again, with financial and legal issues. And despite this and the concern his wife had, the founder purchased the brewpub because he know that it had a loyal customer base and an overall favorable business concept. Since then, the brewpub has made a big comeback, survived the recent economic downturn, and is now winning gold medals for their beer at the Great American Beer Festivals and Great International Beer Festivals. Their beer is also sometimes served at area beer festivals, including the recent American Craft Beer Festival. They currently offer six main brews, but their taps change seasonally offering other beer styles frequently. The brewpub is also host to many local music gigs and events.

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All rated Beer from The Cambridge House Brewpub

6-01-13 - Copper Hill Kolsch - 3.03, Kolsch, 5.10%
Winner of the 2005 & 2006 Great International Beer Festival Gold Medal, as well as the 2005 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal, this is a German style Kolsch which is lighter bodied, crisp, and well balanced. Delicately hopped with a good amount of pale malt and a grainy flavor overall. This is an easy drinking casual beer with a cooling effect, great for summer and good with a wide range of food pairings.