Don't Let The Man

Location of Origin: C&C Group Plc, 3rd Floor, Block 71, The Plaza, Parkwest Business Park, Dublin 12, Ireland
Date Established: 1850
Category: Public (LSE: CCR/ISEQ: CCR), Multinational Beverage Conglomerate With Multiple Facilities, Continental & Very Limited Intercontinental Distribution, and Foreign Brewing Assets.

It's a commonly held belief that in Ireland, people only drink dry stouts and whiskey. Turns out however, that dry ciders are all the rage nowadays. Introduced into the market by 1935, the Cider market in Ireland is pretty large and has been growing in recent years. Cantrell and Cochrane Limited has been in the beverage business in Ireland for more than 160 years, and, more recently, the lager business as well. Cider has definitely been kind to C&C over the years, especially because historically, brewers could make them without using English hops. This is important because back in the day, when Ireland was still under British Rule, heavy taxes were levied on the importation of English products, including hops, which is why the Stout and Porter are so popular - because they use more malt than hops. Alcoholic Ciders were also subject to less taxes overall, making them a cheaper, more rebellious (we guess) sort of way to get "confident."

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3-22-10 - Magners Cider - 2.30, Dry Cider, 4.50%
Representing about 1/8th of the UK cider market, this traditional dry cider was first brewed in 1999. In terms of the actual product, this cider is idential to HP Bulmers. There are different fruit flavors even a light version sold as well. Magners is used as a brand name for C&C's alcoholic cider distributed and sold outside of Ireland.