"As The Say On My Own Cape Cod, A Rising Tide Lifts All The Boats"

Location of Origin: 1336 Phinneys lane, Barnstable Town, MA, 02601, USA
Date Established: 2004
Category: Independent, Craft, Microbrewery With Limited Local Distribution (50 mi radius), a 15 BBl Capacity, and a Full Annual Output of 8,000 Barrels.

"A Vacation In Every Pint" is the slogan of Cape Cod Beer, a small brewery run by three down to earth guys who love making wholesome beer for the Cape. The microbrewery has undergone many upgrades and expansions over the past few years, and it doesn't look like the trend is showing any sign of slowing down anytime soon. They added more equipment as recently as December of 2010, increasing their total of fermenting tanks to 9X30bbls, 3x15bbls, and 9 bright tanks. The brewery currently self distributes its beer across a fifty mile radius geographic market which spans from Plymouth, MA to Provincetown (located at the end of Cape Cod), but they have been expanding their exposure by way of participating in local and high profile Boston area brew fests, including both the American Craft Beer Festival and the Massachusetts Brewers Guild Mass Brewers Fest. Aside from beer festivals, the brewery hosts guided tours routinely, they have opened up a small retail outlet at their brewing location, and they participate in other events, including charity work.

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All rated Beer from Cape Cod Beer

8-24-12 - Red Ale - 2.87, American Amber/Red Ale, 5.50%
This beer pours darker reddish brown with a long lasting medium density foam head. Average body with a smooth, lower viscosity feel. Lower carbonation levels deliver more subtle aromas, and a wetter finish. Some nice caramel and slight hoppy notes are present in the aroma. Sweet overall taste with a lot of roasted malts, finishing with a slightly bitter aftertaste.
6-02-12 - Stargazer Stout - 2.97, American Stout, 5.00%
This is a medium bodied, creamy milk stout with a fair bit of hoppy character (IBU of 35), and a solid roasty caramel flavor. This is a short production seasonal brew which is only available for a month and a half starting the first of March. This is a very easy going stout with relatively low substance and weight, and goes well with heartier, meat and gravy based dishes.