Still Going Aussie Strong

Location of Origin: 131 Cascade Road, South Hobart TAS 7004, Australia
Date Established: 1824 (1832 As The Current Brewery)
Category: Subsidiary (Owned by Foster's Group) Regional Brewery With Moderate National and Some International (Oceana) Distribution, and 36 Million Liters of Annual Output.

Being the oldest continuously running brewery in all of Australia, Cascade has had a deep impact on the brewing industry of the world down under. Founded on the site of a former saw mill, the brewery has access to the clean water of the Hobart Rivulet, and occupies a prominent site in the center of town. The brewery specializes in lagers, but they also produce some stouts, and ambers as well. Despite the fact that the brewery is currently under control of The Fosters Group, the brewery continues to operate as an independent unit, producing only their own traditional in house brands. Aside from beer, the brewery also produces ciders, homebrew range beers, fruit juices, syrups, and sodas. Some of their beer is known around the region (Oceana), and has received international awards, as well as leverage from their parent company. Still, it should be acknowledged that in an industry as hostile and metamorphic as the global beer sector, it's nothing short of a miracle that Cascade continues to produce their own beer, not Fosters. It is a source of national pride for the Aussies, who don't really respect Fosters, and they certainly don't take too kindly to Euro trash either.

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