A Storm's-A-Brewing

Location of Origin: 293 JT Connell Highway, Newport, RI, 02840, USA
Date Established: 1999 (Distillery in 2007)
Category: Independent, Craft, Microbrewery With Some Regional Distribution (3 NE states) and 5,000 Barrels of Annual Output.

Rather than face the world after college by getting a normal day job in an office, spending meaningless days in rush hour traffic, wondering when it all will change, the four recent college grads from Colby College in Maine, USA decided that opening up a brewery would be a better way to live. The guys found some used equipment, a modest workspace, and got to work. Within 18 months of graduation, their first beer, an Amber Ale (Hurricane), was released. Today, many different lines of beer (both permanent and seasonal) are produced. Over several expansions, upgrades, and even the addition of Rhode Island's only rum distilling arm (Newport Distillery making Thomas Tew Rum), the brewery has been able to increase its output and distribution across southern New England. The brewery first canned their usually bottled beers in 2004. In 2010, the brewery/distillery moved to their current 8,000 square foot facility in namesake Newport, RI, where they have public tours, and a visitors center. Their most recent move allowed them to make their first real upgrade to their brewing equipment since they began, and output now exceeds 5,000 BBls a year.

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All rated Beer from Coastal Extreme Brewery

5-31-14 - Newport Storm - Zach (Cyclone Series) - 2.48, Oatmeal Stout, 10.10%

2-19-11 - Newport Storm Winter Ale (Blizzard Porter) - 2.44, American Porter, 5.90%
The darkest seasonal beer Newport makes, This is a very malty with some coffee and crystal malty notes prominent. A very bitter finish, gives this winter season beer a dry, and heavy finish. This is a full bodied, high viscosity beer with a low level of carbonation, and a thick, creamy, yet short foam head. Not the best, but definitely enhanced during a cold night.