"A Pizza Place Where You Make Your Own Pie!"

Location of Origin: 36 Main Street, Amesbury, MA, 01913, USA
Date Established: 2007
Category: Independent, Craft, Microbrewery With Focused Local (MA only) Distribution.

There is an episode of the 1990s hit sit-com Seinfeld where serial pseudo-entrepreneur Cosmo Kramer comes up with the idea to open up a pizzeria "where you make your own pie." Well in 2005, Sean Cody, founder of the Cody Brewing Company, had a similar idea. Basically, he opened up a home brew specialty store with facilities that allowed customers to brew beer right at the facility. It was a BOYB ("Brew Your Own Beer") venue unique to the area. But in 2006, Sean took matters into his own hand, brewing and distributing beer himself to local outlets. In 2007, BYOB was closed and in its place, came the Cody Brewing Company. Two years after experimentation, growth, and building a local brand, the decision was made to move to another facility to the brewery's current location in Amesbury. Sitting alongside the Powow river in what used to be an old mill house, the brewery still focuses on distributing its beer to local restaurants, stores, and bars, but the brewery does take part in many regional brew festivals. Despite its use of Alehouse in its name, the brewery produces both ales and lagers. The brewery is run by a modest native Mass. staff, but they definitely brew some serious brews that can run with the best that the region has to offer.

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All rated Beer from Cody Brewing Company

6-02-12 - SOS - 3.25, Belgian IPA, 5.50%
The SOS is a darker orange/reddish amber colored beer which pours slightly choppy with a thin, dissipating foam head, and a slightly hazy appearance. The aroma is definitely citrusy with a hint of coriander and lemon. The beer starts off wheat like with some clove notes, and finishes in traditional IPA style with a hoppy bitter finish. This is a very smooth beer with a medium light body, quick and crisp finish, and a simple overall character.