Hot Off The Press

Location of Origin: 100 Mechanic Street, Pawcatuck, CT, 06379, USA
Date Established: 1996
Category: Independent, Craft, Microbrewery With Regional Distribution in 9 US States (focus on Southern New England) Plus Washington DC, And a Capacity of 5,000 Barrels of Annual Output.

Back in the day when people didn't get their news off of Gawker, Twitter, Facebook, and The Onion, they read the paper. Newspapers, magazines, and books. These were things that were actually made of paper. Yes, hard to believe we know, but it's true. You'd get yesterday's news delivered to you buy a man in a car at 4:00 am, printed on large pieces of recycled paper, rolled up, and placed into a blue waterproof bag. And there was nothing like the smell of newspaper ink. And of course, there was the joke, "what's black, white, and read all over?" And printing paper wasn't easy, especially for newspapers which were widely distributed on a daily basis. So in came the rotary industrial printing press, an 1843 invention conceived by American Richard M Hoe. Basically what Hoe did was take Gutenberg's brilliant idea from 1450, put it on a conveyor of sorts, and power it with steam. As America was growing, developing, and expanding westward with the help of the railroad, the news needed a quick way to gather info, print it on paper, and distribute the paper to the public. The rolling printing press transformed the newspaper industry, allowing for more than 2000-4000 pages to be printed every hour on a single machine. All over the world, many companies began manufacturing printing presses, as the newspaper as an industry took off. C.B. Cottrell & Sons, Inc. was one of those such factories. The company was founded by Calvert B Cottrell, a southern New England native and descendant of Nicholas Cottrell, who helped buy the land from Narragansett Natives which would ultimately become Westerly, Rhode Island. Calvert's great great grandson, Charles Cottrell Buffum, Jr is a native of Westerly, and the founder of the Cottrell Brewing Company, which takes up 9,000 of the former 350,000 square foot printing press factory. Today, the company is a mainstay favorite among CT and RI locals, and the brewery is expanding its market to New York, DC, Virginia, and Illinois.

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All rated Beer from Cottrell Brewing Company

6-02-12 - Mystic Bridge IPA - 3.13, American IPA, 6.00%
Available year round in both kegs and bottles, this IPA is one of Cottrell's main offerings, alongside Old Yankee Ale. At 6.00%, it's the second strongest beer they brew, which features a fruity/citrusy hoppy flavor, with pronounced aromas, and a mild presence overall. This beer is great for the summer, and is a favorite among locals.