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3-30-10 - Heineken Italy Birra Moretti - 2.87, Pale Lager, 4.60%
The brewery was founded in Udine in 1859, with Moretti being one of eight beers brewed by the wholly owned brewery.
Date Expurgated - Heineken Light - 1.87, Light Pilsner, 3.20%
Launched in the US in 2005, this is marketed as a light version of the flagship brew with 99 Calories and 6.8g of Carbs per serving. This is a light Pilsner version of Heineken.
Date Expurgated - Heineken Pilsner - 2.21, Pilsner, 5.00%
Made with purified water, malted barley, hops, and Heineken A-yeast, developed by H. Elion in 1886.