"Let Us All Pull Together"

In all of Africa, especially Eastern Africa, it is lager that is the most commonly consumed and produced style of beer. And though beer itself is produced in most of the countries of Africa, the industry is still only just starting to gain some steam. Kenya has one of the more established markets and industries in the continent, and for that reason, its native breweries were under attack from foreign interests at the turn of the century. Interestingly enough, the East African Breweries Company was the asset being targeted by none other than SAB Miller, the transnational powerhouse from The UK, the same country from which Kenya finally gained its independence in 1963. Tusker lager, a major domestically produced beer in Kenya, was the main focus of this marketing war. Launched by SAB subsidiary Castle Breweries, the battle involved heavy amounts of "nasty" media and ad campaigns, hostile bids, and plenty of local outrage. South African Breweries had a secondary facility in Thika, Kenya, which closed as a result of the massive promoting of the other beers (the brewery was later acquired by Kenya breweries). After many years of attrition, the two finally came to an agreement with SAB and East African Breweries splitting the East African market up to avoid further involvement. SAB pulled out of Kenya, and East African let go of a couple of regional markets. This only added to the loyalty and pride people have for Tusker and all of the other beers produced locally in Kenya. And though as we said earlier, the industry is a mere fledgling establishment compared to other regions of the world, there is no doubt that Kenya's national pride can literally run with the best. Just ask Patrick Makau Musyoki.

Rathima andu atene.

Rated Kenyan Beers

6-27-12 - East African Breweries Limited Tusker - 2.49, Pale Lager, 4.20%

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  • Pilsner
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  • East African Breweries Limited - Nairobi, Kenya