Small Nation, Small Industry

Singapore, like many other parts of Asia, does not have a long or storied history with beer. It is a sovereign city-state which levies heavy "sin" taxes on its people, resulting in very expensive alcoholic beverages. The cheapest liter bottles of beer will demand at least $6.00 out of your pocket. Most wines and cocktails can go for more than $18.00 a drink. They take their alcohol abuse very seriously in Singapore. Public intoxication can warrant a massive fine and a few nights behind bars. Binge drinking is nearly extinct, and becoming "drunk" is socially frowned upon (and not just by the cops).

The beer industry has yet to develop fully, with only Asia Pacific controlling a vast majority of the industry. Pale Lager is the most popular style of beer, with Tiger Beer being one of the most commercially successful Singaporean beers both domestically and abroad. Although the industry is small, there is a small, but growing number of microbreweries beginning to eat away at the AP brands' market shares. Perhaps this will one day give us all more reason to care more about the beer industry in Singapore. But until microbrews there become an international success, we simply won't care.

Nien nien nu e. Kong Chien.

Rated Singaporean Beers

3-08-10 - Asia Pacific Breweries Tiger Lager - 2.12, Pale Lager, 5.00%

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  • Lager
  • Pale Lager
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