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In Vietnam, beer is so common, that it is sold on street corners, littered with vendor carts selling Bia Hoi, a lager-style local traditional brew, which is an unpreserved (no hops), unpasteurized, and freshly made (daily before sunrise). Consumed by the locals in relatively large quantities, Bia Hoi has replaced water in many people's lunch-on meal beverages. Thanks to its low alcohol content (usually between 2-4% ABV), you can still walk the city streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (among others) without getting harrassed or affectionately kissed by everyone on the sidewalk. Many top fermented beers also incorporate the use of locally grown tropical fruits to make beer sweeter and give it a unique edge. Outside of the traditional or locally produced brews, many international brands have made their appearance as well. The introduction of these mainstay beers have influenced some of the Vietnamese takes of more European beers. Many internationally acclaimed brewhouses and beers exist in Vietnam, and although the domestic industry is rather fragmented and still young in most regions of the country, with vendors on every corner, you can be sure that beer won't be hard to find.

Can chen.

Rated Vietnamese Beers

6-27-12 - Saigon Beer Company Saigon Export - 2.16, Adjunct Lager, 4.90%

Popular Beer Styles in Vietnam

  • Pale Lager
  • Bia Hoi
  • Bia Vang
  • Bia Den
  • Vietnamese Breweries with Rated Beer

  • Saigon Beer Company - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam