Superfruit, Superbrew.

Brewery and Country of Origin: Sea Dog Brewing Company of 1 Main Street, Topsham, ME 04086, USA

Date Reviewed: 5-13-12

Although the word superfruit is merely an unscientific marketing term used to promote the nutritional aspects of certain fruits, it has some definite leverage among consumers. Blueberries are commonly cited as being the most beneficial foods (not just fruits) money can buy, based on their nutrient richness and high levels of antioxidants. Yes, we all know blueberries, broccoli, and pomegranates are really good for you. But there is another side to this. A superfood (or superfruit) is marketed as such because it has to be appealing to the public and it also represents a high value to agricultural sectors. Blueberries fit both of these criteria. Being one of the only native fruits in North America, the blueberry has become a major source of revenue for US and Canadian Farms. In 2005, 302.1 million pounds of blueberries were cultivated in North America, and in 2008, more than 1400 new blueberry-containing products were introduced to US grocery stores. Pretty amazing stuff. What's even more amazing is the result of brewing with these seemingly other worldly morsels. The guys up in Maine at the Sea Dog Brewing Company have been mastering a blueberry wheat ale of their own (a style that seems to be particularly popular in New England). Their work seems to have paid off. Their Bluepaw has won many national and international awards, including Silver at the 2007 World Beer Championships, and 1st Place at the 2007 California Brewer's Festival, both for the recently hot fruit beer category.
Date Sampled: 5-12-13 At: Seadog Brewing Company Restaurant, 125 South Portland, ME 04106, USA
Beer Style: Fruit Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 4.60%
Serving Type: Keg, 20 oz Tumbler Glass
Rating: 3.30


This filtered and clear brew pours choppy with a good amount of carbonation action. Featuring a rich golden amber color, this is a beer which leaves no lacing, and produces only a very light, quarter inch foam head.


One word: blueberry. This beer, as you would imagine, gives off a very strong fruity/blueberry aroma. There is also a small hint of maltiness and definite sweetness as well. There is no hoppy aroma mixed in.


The Bluepaw is light to moderate bodied with a high amount of crisp carbonation. The beer feels choppy and yes, the elevated levels of carbonation help to activate your tastebuds. A lighter, less pronounced finishes the experience. This beer has a low/medium viscosity.


This beer features a tart, blueberry flavor complemented with a general fruity set of notes. As expected, the beer is also very sweet, and there is a hint of malty notes in the short lived aftertaste. Very little bitterness leaves out almost any trace of hops in this one. There are also some nutty and slightly traditional wheat flavors as well.

Our Take

This is a good fruity, sweet, and slightly malty beer that anyone who enjoys blueberries will love. Unfortunately, we're not blueberry fans. We're also not fruit beer fans, but this beer has managed to bring a smile to our faces, which is something definitely special for the style. As a general beer then, there are plenty of great beers that Sea Dog produces which earn much higher marks than the Bluepaw, but that being said, this is a solid beer that is very easy to enjoy, and very hard to turn down. Some high points included the exciting high carbonation feeling, the obvious rich blueberry flavors and resulting potent blueberry aroma. A boring finish and lack of any hops or body substance brought the overall score down, aside from the whole personal preference about blueberries thing. A 3.30 score represents a good beer that we'd definitely recommend to anyone who likes the style, and that is exactly what this beer deserves. Interestingly enough, we think this beer would actually be better if you put in a small handful of blueberries post pour/pre sip to inject the beer with some extra element of flavor depth. Not something we'd do, but why not give it a try? This is a beer that goes great with a lighter meal or a salad, and definitely a fruit based dessert. It's hard to make someone enjoy a beer infused with a flavor they usually find unpleasant. Hard. Not impossible. Somehow, this makes a reviewer who's as picky as a spoiled 9 year old enjoy blueberries that much more. Well done Sea Dog. Well done.