"Asi On Maitses"

Location of Origin: Tahtvere 56/62, Tartu, 50050, Estonia
Date Established: 1807 (Oldest Brewery in Estonia)
Category: Subsidiary (of Beverage Conglomerate Olvi) Macrobrewery and Beverage Conglomerate With Widespread Baltic Regional Distribution (Largest Beverage Producer in Estonia) and Moderate International Distribution (to less than 10 main export market countries), Single Facility.

A while ago we talked about a brewery which can brag that it's the oldest in the world. We have also told you the story about the Anchor Brewing Company's hardships over the years. Well, as it turns out A. Le Coq in Tartu, Estonia, has a somewhat miracle history if its own. By now, through either grade school or reading various pages on this website about Eastern Europe, you should know that the Baltic Countries and the surrounding region have had more than their fair share of economic, social, and political hardships. History has not been kind to those in the continental European East, and anyone from Germany, Russia, or even Sweden should know better than anyone outside of the Baltic... or A. Le Coq. The brewery was founded in London by its namesake (Albert Le Coq) in 1807. The brewery became known for producing a very popular Russian Imperial Stout which was mainly exported to the Russian and eastern European markets. Unfortunately for the brewery, this was done while Russia imposed heavy duty fees on imported alcoholic beverages, and after it was discovered that other groups were producing less quality beer while stealing the valuable A. Le Coq Brand, the brewery decided to close up shop and move to St. Petersburg in 1904 to a temporary space until finding their current home in Tartu, Estonia. There, the brewery exchanged hands and ownership so many times, until it was taken under state control during the Soviet Reign in Eastern Europe. The brand and name was changed during this period, putting the heritage and history of the brand and brewery at risk. When the industry was re-privatized in 1997 following the fall of the USSR, the brand and name of the brewery was restored. Many large investments have been made to the brand and brewery, and the operation has become one of the most popular and recognizable breweries in the Baltic region. Their flagship A. Le Coq Premium beer is the most popular in Estonia, and numerous marketing efforts have been made to grow the brand, including acquring the naming rights to the premier football stadium in Tallin, and distributing commercials using their slogan, "Asi On Maitses," meaning, "It's About The Taste."

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10-14-12 - VIRU Oled See Mida Jood

All rated Beer from A. Le Coq

9-14-12 - VIRU Oled See Mida Jood - 2.38, Euro Pale Lager, 5.00%
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