A Giant Brings Down a Giant

Location of Origin: HQ: Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Oud-Zuid, Mauritzkade, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands (Facility Location: Zoeterwoude)
Date Established: 1870
Category: Subsidiary Macrobrewery Wholly Owned by Heineken International, produces 36 million litres of beer annually, sold worldwide.

There are over 170 brands of beer in the Heineken portfolio. Heineken is the largest brand by sales and volume. Do you know what the second largest is? Yep, Amstel, a beer named after the eponymous river that runs through central Amsterdam. First brewed in the early 1870s, this pale lager was originally enjoyed by only the citizens of The Venice of the North, yet this did not last long. The quality and taste of the beer was recognized throughout Europe, and by 1883, Amstel was exported from the Great Britain to Indonesia. Working with Heineken (in the same city), Amstel built more breweries, increasing their production by exponential quantities. In the 50s and 60s, Amstel was being brewed in company owned breweries in Jordan, the Carribbean, and Greece. In 1968, Amstel was bought out by Heineken International and only four years later, the original Amstel Brewery was closed down and demolished. The quality of their beer diminished somewhat, but perhaps more notable was the perceived quality and hometown pride of the locals. Amsterdam is now dominated by Heineken, the once major competitor, partner, and now owner of a international brand that used to be great... used to be.

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All rated Beer from Amstel Brewery

5-18-10 - Amstel Bier (Lager) - 2.45, Pilsner, 5.00%
This is a "premium" lager that uses mostly light pilser malt (yet some dark malt is present). It was first brewed in the late 1800s, and is sold in over 75 countries world wide. Nothing special here, just a slightly alternative substitution to the usual suspects at bars that don't serve craft beer. Slightly hoppy and skunky, this is a traditional ligher bodied, bottom fermented pilsner brewed with native Dutch waters and hops. No real trace of malts or roastiness. Dry finish and moderate levels of carbonation which lead to low levels of lacing and a half inch foam head.
5-16-10 - Amstel Light - 2.01, Light Pilsner, 3.50%
This is the light version of the flagship premium pilsner.