Even The Old Can Embrace The New

Location of Origin: 1-23-1 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Date Established: 1889
Category: Publicly Traded (TYO: 2502) International Branded Macrobrewery, Owns Stake in Other International Brands, Owns Soft Drink Brands, Over $10Bil in Annual Sales, Worldwide Distribution.

Founded in 1889 in Osaka, Japan, Asahi is one of Japan's oldest surviving breweries. Today, it is also Japan's second largest (behind Mitsubishi owned Kirin), owning 40% of the domestic Japanese beer market. It was able to claim Japan's second largest spot by overtaking Sapporo Breweries, Ltd. with the introduction of dry beer, a style of pale lager that was fully attenuated (no sugars left after fermentation), giving it a very dry taste. Asahi Super Dry was introduced in 1987 and has remained the brewery's flagship brew since. Asahi also brews a stout, traditional lagers, a pilsner and a black lager. The pale lager, which used to be the flagship beer of Asahi, has been brewed since 1892. It wasn't until the brewery began exploring new beers in the mid to late 1900s when things really took off. After Dry beer became a hit, the brewery has been busy acquiring their share of foreign interests, including a 19.9% stake in Australian Elders IXL (now a part of Fosters Group) in 1990, the entire Austrailian beverages business unit of Cadbury Schweppes in 2009, and 19.9% of Chinese brewery Tzingtao from AB InBev for two thirds of a billion dollars in January of 2009. Clearly, Asahi has their sights set on developing a more worldwide brands and distribution portfolio. Who can blame them when the rest of the world is still trying to grasp the idea of very dry lager?

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3-13-10 - Asahi Super Dry - 3.01, Japanese Dry Pale Lager, 5.00%
This is the flagship beer of Asahi Breweries and is sold worldwide. We had tried this at the Shepherd Neame Brewery in Kent in 2010. This is, as you would imagine, a very dry beer with a crisp finsih, a well-attenuated feel and taste, and a thin body.