Only Jackasses By Name

Location of Origin: 1627 South 7th Street, San Jose, CA, USA - Hermitage Brewery Address
Date Established: March 2010
Category: Contract Brewery in Partnership with the Hermitage Brewery, With Very Limited Regional Distribution.

Though this is probably a brewery you've never heard of before, it'll be hard to forget them once you've tried what they have to offer. Ass Kisser Ales is a family owned brand of beers which is currently contract brewed through the Hermitage Brewery in San Jose, CA. Learning about this brewery is like learning about a vacancy description at Goldman Sachs (GS). While they are all about the seriousness of their business, professionalism, and respect for the art of their industry, they know how to live and have fun - a sort of work hard, play hard attitude. And though at the time this was written, the company's e-mail address was merely a g-mail account, this is one of the only breweries in all of America that claims to adhere to the Reinheitsgebot, yes the German Purity Law in the production of their traditional style craft beers. The brewery, as their website states, also "strivs to have uncompromising professionalism and respect for the craft." In other words, they mean business. And although they will never let anyone take them too seriously, they know that what they're making is a seriously good beer. It's nice from time to time for people to appreciate that.

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All rated Beer from Ass Kisser Ales

6-02-12 - Vanilla Pale Ale - 3.67, American Pale Ale, 5.50%
This unique beer offers a potpourri of flavors that most would consider as crazy, but it seems to work well. With an IBU of only 18, this is a sweet, creamy beer delivering a unified (no, not clashing) set of vanilla, citrusy, malty, and slightly hoppy flavors. Toasty, malty, and caramel aromas are present. This beer is medium bodied with a slightly lingering finish and a moderate amount of carbonation, featuring a thick, creamy foam head. Great with sweeter, lighter dishes, fruits, and dessert.