Exclusive and Reclusive

Location of Origin: 8 Mount Desert St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609, USA
Date Established: 1990
Category: Independent, Small, Micro-Brewery with Regional Distribution; 260 Barrels of Annual Production

Settled in 1763, Bar Harbor, ME is a fairly wealthy small island town known for being a large part of Acadia National Park, the first national park in the United States, east of the Mississippi River. The town has a modest population of about 5,250, and is popular with seasonal residents who own multiple homes, including the Rockefellers. Dignitaries and even US Presidents have visited the northern resort town including William Howard Taft, and Barack Obama. Cruise ships visit often during the summer months, and tourists from all over the world come to visit the natural beauty surrounding the town. In many ways, the town of Bar Harbor is like its first brewery, started in 1990. The Bar Harbor Brewing Company has been making very high quality beer which has won many domestic and international awards, yet the brewery stays true to their micro-brew status, making only 260 barrels of internationally acclaimed beer every year - making finding these brews somewhat difficult even in New England. Currently, there are no plans to expand, and they are just fine with that. Great beer and great breweries can get spoiled by owners focusing on production and sales revenue, rather than championships and quality. So these are very high quality beers, which only a few can get their hands on. The residents of Bar Harbor probably don't want giant cruise ships full of fat and eager Kodak bearing tourists crowding their quaint main streets. We'd rather have Bar Harbor beers remain exclusive and somewhat difficult to find. It makes the result that much better.

Reviewed Beer from Bar Harbor Brewing Company

6-18-12 - Cadillac Mountain Stout

All rated Beer from Bar Harbor Brewing Company

4-20-12 - Cadillac Mountain Stout - 4.14, American Dry Stout, 6.70%
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Named after the highest peak within 25 miles of the US East Coast, this is a roasty, chocolatey, full bodied stout which pours smooth with a thick and creamy inch tall foam head. This beer features a dark reddish brown color with cocoa and coffee aromas and flavors. The Cadillac stout finishes bitter with a moderate hoppy presence. Moderate carbonation and some lacing with a medium/high viscosity. This beer can be enjoyed by itself, with dessert, or a hearty meal. This is a very good one, so indulge whenever possible.