To Take, And To Give

Location of Origin: Horninglow St, Town Centre, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire DE14 1NR, UK
Date Established: 1777
Category: Joint Venture between Molson Coors (MillerCoors in US) and AB InBev, International Brand Sold Worldwide, Produces/Sells 16,500 Hectolitres.

We all know that sometimes, companies merge and acquire one another. And sometimes, this raises the eyebrows of the people occupying the cooridors of power. This can result in investigations and anti-trust suits. Happened with Microsoft, Sirius XM Sattelite radio, and Intel. But these kinds of cases aren't just limited to tech companies, because in 2000, it was none other than Anheuser-Busch InBev (Then Interbrew) who acquired the Bass Brewery (fourty years after it had merged with Charrington United to become the United Kingdom's largest brewery. The UK's Competition Commission (sort of like the Federal Trade Commission or the Department of Justice) ordered ABInBev to dump the brewing operations components of Bass to Molson Coors. Ten years later, the two companies were looking for a potential bidder (between ₤10 and ₤15 million), but have failed to found one. Let's hope we don't see a repeat of HP and Palm. What was once thought of a one shot, last chance deal to save a once dominant brand, became nothing more than a discontinued product line. But you could probably get Palm Pilots for pretty cheap now. Bass does make a great product however, and we'd hate to see it go.

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5-19-10 - Bass Ale - 3.12, English Pale Ale, 4.40%
Top ten cask ale by sales. This beer was originally brewed in 1777 (its recipe has not changed since) and features English malts, English hops, and yes, English water which Bass claims is high in the salts and minerals essential for brewing great beer. The result is a medium bodied, fairly carbonated beer with a roasted aroma and somewhat bitter aftertaste. The beer, according to Bass's corporate website, has been "painted by Manet, fought over by Napoleon and was served on the Titanic." Pretty cool stuff.