Falling Into Place

Location of Origin: 12 Railroad St, South Deerfield, MA 01373, USA
Date Established: September 1994
Category: Independent, Regional Craft Brewery With Robust Regional Distribution And An Annual Production of 465,000 Gallons (Over 15,000 Barrels).

When outsiders think of Massachusetts beer, most of us (originally) think of Boston area breweries like Harpoon or Sam Adams. Some people think of Portland, Vermont or New Hampshire, but they need a review session with their third grade teacher, or perhaps they've had a few too many. And while these Boston area favorites are two of the most prolific brewers in the country, that doesn't mean you shouldn't look elsewhere, and that goes for geographic location as well. Fortunately, for us who appreciate a bit of variety in our lives, there are many many alternatives to the tried and true. In late 1993, Gary Bogoff and Chris Lalli, business partners from Montgomery, MA, went to the town of South Deerfield and, to the overwhelming support and concensus of the town, chose an unused cigar factory as the spot for their new brewery, the Berkshire Brewing Copmpany. We weren't really sure where South Deerfield was, so we looked it up on Google of course. Western Mass. Perhaps further from Boston and Eastern Mass in culture than miles. Same with Up and Downstate New York. According to their website, the idea for a brewery garnered "unanimous approval" from the pepole of South Deerfield because it would bolster an already thriving tourist destination which was also host to the Yankee Candle Company, now within walking distance of a place which makes beer. Perfect match? Well, not probably not really, but still... good aromas can go well together. Only two months later, renovations began on retrofitting the cigar factory for brewing, and later that year in September of 1994, the two receieved approval from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), to brew fresh and new beer commercially. The Western Mass region quickly fell in love with the brewery and its offerings, including their flagship brew, Steel Rail IPA. The enterprise became so successful, that Berkshire soon added a three thousand square foot addition to their brewery. Acquisitions of distribution and warehousing assets occured from 2003 to 2005, and shortly after, the BBC was producing over 15,000 barrels of beer, making it a regional brewery (as opposed to a micro-brewery). Today, their beer is enjoyed by brew enthusiasts across five states, and the company routinely churns out new seasonal flavors for the people of New England ot enjoy.

Reviewed Beer from Berkshire Brewing Company

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All rated Beer from Berkshire Brewing Company

11-18-16 - Oktoberfest Lager - 2.82, Marzen/Oktoberfest, 7.50%
10-21-16 - Inhopnito - 3.63, American IPA, 6.20%
11-21-15 - Cabin Fever Ale - 3.32, Winter Warmer, 6.30%
5-31-14 - Coffeehouse Porter - 3.04, American Porter, 6.20%
8-24-12 - PoDunkel - 3.43, Dunkelweizen, 6.00%
This is a smooth and malty beer with a nice bitter, but subtle and short lasting finish. Medium bodied with a heavier weight, and an slightly above average viscosity. Carbonation levels are lower than expected, giving this beer a fainter maltier aroma. The finish is a refined bitter aftertaste followed with a small bit of dryness.
8-24-12 - Lost Sailor IPA - 2.96, English India Pale Ale, 5.50%
A nice amber color with a medium amount of foam and carbonation. This beer has a sweeter and maltier aroma compared to most IPAs, but with an obvious hoppy character overall. This is reflected in the flavor, which has a nice balance between subtle malts and a more prominent bitter presence. Average body with a medium viscosity, and a drier finish.
6-08-11 - Steel Rail Lager - 2.14, American Pale Ale, 5.30%
This is Berkshire's flagship brew; a light colored pale ale brewed with two row pale malt. This beer features a traditional hoppy finish with a bitter taste, a three quarters inch foam head, and a light to medium bodied feel. IBU: 20.
2-18-11 - Drayman's Porter - 2.65, American Porter, 6.20%
This chocolaty, sweet, malty, and roasty porter is medium full bodied, dark reddish colored, and features relatively modest coffee and chocolate aromas. The Drayman's porter starts with a smooth, medium viscosity pour with a thick foam head, and subtle bitter, hoppy finish with a short lingering aftertaste. The aroma is a bit weaker than most in the style. This is a beer that should be enjoyed by itself cold or with a hearty meat based dinner.