Welcome To The Belgian Show, Maine

Location of Origin: 50 Industrial Way, Portland, ME 04103, USA
Date Established: 1994 (Sold First Batch In The Summer Of 1995)
Category: Independent, Craft, Regional Brewery with a 44,800 Barrels of Annual Output.

By the time America's fledgling craft beer industry had embarked on its second decade of relevant existence, it had already embraced the brewing styles of Germany and Great Britain, but no whites, blondes, dubbels, witbiers, tripels, or abbeys from Belgium. Then comes Rob Tod, the man who gave us Allagash, a brewery from Portland, ME which specializes in Belgian beer styles which, back in 1994, were very hard to find in the US. Allagash White (Witbier) was the first brew produced in the then 15-barrel brewery. Rob Tod still owns the brewery, and he along with his employees have brought many other Belgian style beers. The brewery has since expanded its portfolio to scotch ales, stouts, and fruit beers, but their core competency remains with the Belgians. Today, Allagash is available around the country at both pubs and package stores. Each and every beer is double fermented, once at the usual process (top fermented ales) and, along with final conditioning, in the bottle itself afterward. This is a process sometimes known as methode champenoise, the same process by which sparkling wine (or Champagne) is produced. Some brewers are driven by money, drive sales by producing beer not within their brand texture, and devalue the legitimacy of their business. The guys at Allagash however, know that what makes a great brewery isn't selling a lot of beer, it's selling good beer. They currently offer up to six perennials, seven seasonals, and a good amount of limiteds one-offs, and keg/cask only releases, all similar in style origin. Just about all of their beer is received with great praise, and over the years, New England's original Belgian style brewery has also become one of its most distinguished and respected.

Reviewed Beer from Allagash Brewing Company

12-13-13 - Curieux
5-15-13 - Four Ale
3-01-13 - Black Belgian Style Stout
12-20-12 - Old HLT
4-10-12 - Allagash Tripel Ale

All rated Beer from Allagash Brewing Company

4-09-15 - Monmouth Red - 3.20, American Wild Ale, 11.00%
5-23-15 - Moira Ale - 3.72, American Saison/Farmhouse Ale, 6.30%
9-24-13 - Dubbel Ale - 3.96, Dubbel, 7.00%
5-04-13 - Four Ale - 4.10, Quadrupel, 10.00%
Please see review above.
2-09-13 - Black Belgian Style Stout - 4.17, Belgian Strong Stout, 7.50%
Please see review above.
12-11-12 - Old HLT - 3.69, Wild Ale, 8.00%
Please see review above.
5-12-12 - Curieux - 4.13, Tripel, 11.00%
Please see review above. This is a cask conditioned, limited production beer which is secondary fermented in aging barrels directly supplied from Jim Beam, giving this strong ale a whiskey like aroma and feel. Very strong with a considerable warming effect. Based on the original tripel. Made all year around, this beer is distributed in fifths and kegs, and goes great with dessert.
5-12-12 - Victor - 3.87, Belgian Strong Pale Ale, 9.00%
Brewed only once a year, this fruity, spicy, and tart Strong Ale is crafted with hand picked red wine grapes, giving it a sweeter flavor with a nice warming effect. It can be further cellared in the bottle for up to two years and goes great with stronger cheese and fatty meats.
5-12-12 - Victoria - 3.96, Belgian Strong Pale Ale, 9.00%
This beer is brewed in similar fashion to the Victor Strong Ale, with Chardonnay grapes giving this beer a golden color with strong aromas and a somewhat fruity character and finish. Cellared for up to two years, this beer goes great with fish and robust cheese.
5-12-12 - White Ale - 3.29, Witbier, 5.20%
This foamy, light bodied, fruity and crisp beer features a rich, tall foam head, a golden hazy appearance, and clove like aromas. The Flagship brew of Allagash, this beer is produced all year round and comes in kegs and 12 oz bottles. Great with Maine cuisine (aka, seafood) and lighter cheeses.
4-09-12 - Allagash Tripel - 3.79, Tripel, 9.00%
Please see review above.