"In de hemel is gee daarom drinken wij hee."

Location of Origin: Eindhovenseweg 3, 5056 RP Berkel-Enschot, Netherlands
Date Established: 1884
Category: Independent, Regional Trappist Brewery With Moderate International Distribution, About 150,000 Hectoliters of Annual Production.

When it comes to Trappist Ales, people immediately think of Belgium. Yes, all of the breweries officially recognized as Trappist breweries exist in Belgium. All, except the third youngest and largest of all of the seven Trappist breweries. Tucked away in the Tilburg Villiage of Berkel-Enschot, the De Koningshoeven Brewery was created within the walls of a Dutch monastery in 1884 in order to finance the monastery's operations and donate to charity. Until the 1980s, the brewery had only been producing its flagship brew. Today ten beers, all traditional Belgian styles of beer, are produced at the monastery, which went through a modernization in 1989, four years after the monks began exporting beer across international borders. The ale house lost its status as an official Trappist brewery in 1999, when the company was reestablished as a subsidiary to another brewer in Bavaria. The monks of the brewery at the time were too old to maintain all of the brewery's operations and as a result, they lost its right to display the Authentic Trappist Product logo, given out by the International Trappist Association. The organization felt that the brewery became to commercialized, so in September of 2005, the monks took a more active role in the beer's production, many of them working a full day. The brewery once again became an official Trappist brewery and was allowed by the ITA to use the Authentic Trappist Product logo on their bottles.

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12-28-11 - Tilburg's Dutch - 2.92, Belgian Dark Ale, 5.00%
This is a bottle conditioned Trappist ale which is brewed with water drawn from one of five 200 meter deep wells below the Abbey. Produced mainly for export, this is one of the brewery's lightest, weakest offerings. Lighter in taste and crisp, this medium bodied beer makes a great complement to a salad, light meal, or hot summer day.