Not Small, Exclusive

Location of Origin: 33 W Main Street, Norton, Massachusetts 02766-2711, USA
Date Established: 2011 (Operations Began 2013)
Category: Independent, Craft, Nanobrewery With Very Limited Local Distribution, A Single Line System, and a 1.5 Barrel Capacity.

By now, you've probably read a good number of these brewery pages whose subject was founded by some beer lovers that were good at homebrewing and had hoop dreams of becoming successful commercial brewers. Of course, this isn't always the case, but when people's dreams are realized, good things happen. And if you're living in the small town of Norton, Massachusetts, you're witnessing it first hand. Two years ago, three friends (Frank White, Matt Menard, and Brian Shurtleff) who belonged to the same homebrew club had begun their journey to establish their own slice of the craft beer world. After about 14 months of planning, municipal red tape, going three times over budget, and all of the other trials and tribulations of starting a new company, Bog Iron began rolling out their small batch beers early 2013. The brewery gets its name from a nearby smelting plant which processed iron dredged from local water sources. The three founders were looking for a more local and rugged name, and for at least two of them, Bog Iron was an instant hit. Today, the brewery produces four regular brews, with some limited runs of various styles. The nanobrewery currently sells its beer at three different locations, their brewery tap room, Trinity in Norton, and Kinsale Quincy Market, in the heart of nearby Boston. Because of their limited capacity of only 1.5 Barrels, they are looking to expand into the building next door, pending the signing of a lease. But for now, their beer is gaining a lot of local and some regional attention, with the brewery having been recently approached by a few more local restaurants and bars, including Jake 'N Joes, who also has a branded beer from Harpoon (their flagship IPA). So far, they have been having trouble keeping up demand with their current commitments, so the need to expand has been huge. With this new expansion, we can only hope that they're able to get more beer our way, because based on initial reactions, they're definitely doing something right.

Reviewed Beer from Bog Iron Brewing Company

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All rated Beer from Bog Iron Brewing Company

10-22-16 - One Down - 3.41, American Porter, 8.50%
10-22-16 - Jump Back - 3.37, American IPA, 7.10%
10-22-16 - Stinger IPA - 2.96, American IPA, 7.40%
10-22-16 - Middle Child IIPA - 3.70, American Double/Imperial IPA, 9.50%
6-01-13 - Dunkelweizen - 3.46, Dunkelweizen, 5.50%
This is the newest addition to Bog Iron, this is a traditional Dunkel, with rich dark roasted malty flavors mixed in with some typcical wheat notes of semisweet fruity banana and a bit of clove. This is a medium bodied beer with an average level of weight and a medium high amount of carbonation. This beer also has a delicately hopped character. As is normal, this beer has a somewhat creamy foam head, a hazy apperance with a dark brown color, full lacing, and a little amount of glow in the light.