Rooted Deep, Very Deep

Location of Origin: 999 Samsen Rd., Dusit, Bangkok 10300 Thailand
Date Established: 1933
Category: Independent, International Beverage Conglomerate With Multinational Distribution, Large Sales, Owns Soft Drink Brands and Other Breweries and Assets in Foreign Countries, 1 Billion Liters of Annual Output

Being the first large scale commercial brewery in Thailand, Boon Rawd had the responsibility of setting a standard of quality, and a code of conduct for the Thai brewing industry that would develop later. They were granted permission to use the Garuda symbol on the bottles and cans of their flagship brew, Singha, a lager sold around the world. The Garuda is Thailand's national symbol, meaning the vehicle (the way of) Vishnu, the supreme god of Hinduism. A Royan Warant of Appointment was given to Boon Rawd to use the symbol in 1939 and to this day, it remains the only brewery with the permission to display it on their product. In 1994, the brewery acquired interests in Germany with the intent of brewing Singha Gold for Europe, but has since ceased production. Singha lager, however, has been brewed in Thailand since its original start of production more than 75 years ago, in an effort to preserve the legacy of Singha and maintain the original taste and beer character. The brewery also produces other main beers, a light beer, green tea, and soft drinks as well. Today, all of the other Singha related beer brands are produced in Thailand. The brewery is also still managed under the same Bhirom Bhakdi family who founded the brewery in 1933. So there you go. Brewing traditions aren't reserved only for those in Munich or London.

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1-21-11 - Singha Lager - 2.14, Thai Pale Lager, 5.00%
Named after a powerful mythological creature, Singha is Boon Rawd's Fagship Brand. This beer is internationally distributed and sold, yet despite the company's interests and assets in other countries, Singha has always been brewed in Thailand in order to preserve the original Thai pale lager character and taste. A traditional Asian Pale Lager with some hoppiness and well-attenuated, leaving very little or no trace of any maltiness or sweetness. A dry finish and high levels of carbonation give this beer a crisp and refreshing feel.