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Location of Origin: 1 Industrial Way, Ste. 8, Portland, ME, 04103, USA
Date Established: 2011
Category: Micro, Contract Brewery With Mariner Beverages, Fair Regional and Moderate Northern New England Distribution, Specializing in Lagers

Managed by brewmaster Tom Bull and Business partner Allan Jagger, Bull Jagger is a very nimble contract brewing operation based in Portland, ME. The brewery is run in a very simple and careful manner: focusing only on one flagship Lager (Portland Lager), brewing within the strict constraints of the Reinheitsgebot, and contract brewing through the Portland based Mariner Beverages company. Outside of that, they have the simplest website we've ever visited, yet they still schedule tours, and their products can be found in multiple states. Their new lager is sold/served in bottled form at retail outlets, and on draught at restaurants, bars, and pubs. And though they are a new and small operation, they claim to be the only dedicated Lagering house in all of brewery rich Maine; quite a claim at that. With plans of distributing their new flagship lager in proprietary 16.9 oz Bottles throughout Maine and opening an online store on their website, we can gather that their beer is at least good enough to keep their business growing.

Reviewed Beer from Bull Jagger Brewing Company

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All rated Beer from Bull Jagger Brewing Company

6-02-12 - Original No. 19 Baltic Porter - 3.08, American Baltic Porter, 8.00%
This is a very dark brew with a medium high body, a slight warming effect, higher viscosity, and a lower amount of carbonation. Roasted, coffee flavors overall mixed in with some slight sweeter malty bits, and a hoppy finishing aftertaste with low lingering. Some lacing does occur, and this beer's aroma coincides with its general flavor profile.