"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."

Location of Origin: 11 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA, 01930, USA
Date Established: 2004
Category: Independent, Micro, Craft Brewery with Limited Regional and Full Statewide Distribution.

It seems that for the people of New England, the only thing they can theme most of their breweries on is the sea. Fishing does represent a huge industry in certain parts of the region, especially for the city of Gloucester, MA, which has had a long and famouns history with the trade. But regardless of their attempt to create a nautically based brewery, Cape Ann has managed to create more than just a themed institution of craft brew crafting. Unlike most of the other small coastal breweries in Mass, Cape Ann can boast a full lineup of permanent and seasonal brews, all of which are brewed carefully and with painstaking attention to detail. The brewery is open to the public and hosts various weekly and monthly events. You can also join them for free tours of the brewery, or enjoy a bite at their on site brewpub.

Reviewed Beer from Cape Ann Brewing Company

7-19-13 - Bee Hive Honey Brew (Pilsner)
8-07-12 - Fisherman's Ale (Kolsch)

All rated Beer from Cape Ann Brewing Company

7-10-13 - Beehive Honey Brew, 2.94, American Pilsner, 5.30%
Please see review above.
5-05-13 - Pilot Pilsner - 1.83, German Pilsner, 5.40%

5-05-13 - Honey Pilsner - 2.76, German Pilsner, 4.40%

5-05-13 - Imperial Pumpkin Stout - 2.09, Imperial Pumpkin Ale, 11.00%

5-05-13 - Navigator - 2.94, Doppelbock, 7.00%

5-05-13 - Sunrise Saison - 2.58, Saison/Farmhouse Ale, 6.50%

8-03-12 - Fisherman's Ale - 3.18, American German Style Kolsch, 5.00%
Please see review above.
8-16-11 - Fisherman's Brew - 2.98, American Amber/Red Lager, 5.50%
This is a medium dark amber colored beer with a medium light body, a medium viscosity, and a confident level of carbonation. This drinks like a regular red lager. Still grainy, but with a distinct malty sweetness and a tad bit of hoppy flavor towards the end. This is a great spring or late summer/early fall beer with both substance and refreshing qualities.
12-16-10 - Fisherman's Pumpkin Stout - 2.33, Pumpkin Ale, 7.00%
A unique fall season experience. Stronger with a nice warming effect, this is a solid stout with some real pumpkin and spicy flavors. The brew is infused with real pumpkin, Allspice, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg, giving this a genuine autumn character. Typical chocolate and roasted coffee flavors come out through the stout with a slightly bitter aftertaste to finish.