Capital Goods

Location of Origin: 7734 Terrace Avenue, Middleton, WI, 53562, USA
Date Established: March 14, 1984
Category: Regional Craft Brewery With Moderate Regional Distribution (Six Midwestern States) And 22,000 Barrels of Annual Output.

Founded by Madison Wisconsin entrepreneur Ed Janus, Capital Brewery is a regional craft brewery located in the Middleton suburb of Wisconsin's capital city. The brewery was conceived out of a love for authentic German beer produced by small local breweries. Janus started with a small operation, funded by an IPO based solely on a business model. And if you know anything about an IPO, you'd know that this is quite a novel idea. When the SEC forced Facebook (FB) to go public, it was already a multi-billion dollar company. The same could be said about Visa (V), and General Motors (GM) after it emerged from bankruptcy. These were businesses, not an idea. But Janus and his business partners were able to raise more than $1.5 million by reaching out to the local beer drinking public. It may just be something about Wisconsin, whose Green Bay Packers famously sold themselves to the city's fans through stock offerings. As a public, for-profit company, the Packers are the only team in North American professional sports to release financial statements publicly. The brewery, thanks in part to this unique funding situation, has enjoyed quite an impressive history of success. It's accolades include "America's #1 Rated Brewery" at Beverage Testing Institute's World Beer Championships in 1998 (it was ranked #7 in 2012). Their Doppelbock is one of their most popular beers, and has been awarded platinum three times since 2004 at the World Beer Championships. Capital has also been named as Madison's Favorite Local/Regional beer by The Capital Times/Wisconsin State Journal Reader's Choice Awards from 1998 to 2004. They currently offer 8 perrenial mainstay beers, four seasonal brews, and four limited releases.

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12-30-12 - Island Wheat Ale - 2.53, American Pale Wheat Ale, 4.20%
This is one of Capital's oldest and permanent offerings. As told by the name, this is a wheat based beer, which offers the usual clove, banana flavors, as well as a lighter body, moderately high carbonation, a lower weight, and a sweet undertone. Also told by the name, the wheat used for this beer, is grown on the small lake island of Washington, where the wheat isn't tainted with pesticides.