A Crafty Lot

Location of Origin: Muine Bheag Business Park, Royal Oak Road, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow, Ireland
Date Established: 1996
Category: Independent, Regional, Craft Brewery With Moderate National and Moderate International (US and Europe) Distribution.

Self credited (on their website) with being partly responsible for bringing the craft beer revolution to Ireland, Carlow is one of Ireland's largest and most prominently known microbreweries. Today, there are 16 microbreweries, of which only two (Carlow being one) were established in 1996, the first year in which craft beer was being produced in Ireland, and all of them have made a significant on the post-consolidation era of the Irish beer industry. The brewery was expanded to a new, larger facility in 2008, and has won numerous prestigious international awards with its high quality beer. They have receieved so much acclaim that the demand for their brews continue to outpace their ability to not only produce it, but expand their operations as well. In 2011, further expansion involving more kegging, fermentation, and storage space too place. The brewery currently distributes its products, including its award winning flagship Stout across more than twenty international borders.

Reviewed Beer from Carlow Brewing Company

3-21-13 - O'Hara's Irish Red

All rated Beer from Carlow Brewing Company

3-15-13 - O'Hara's Irish Red - 3.86, Irish Red Ale, 4.30%
Please see review above.
12-06-10 - O'Hara's Irish Stout - 4.25, Dry Stout, 4.30%
This is the flagship brew of Carlow, and for good reason. Winning many industry awards, this medium high bodied, high viscosity dark brew is full of rich coffee and caramel roasted notes. Full of traditional stout flavor and character, this is a very smooth beer with a good level of carbonation, a nice dense, thick, and creamy foam head, and a slightly bitter aftertaste. This beer's foam head delivers a strong and charasmatic roasted coffee aroma. This pairs well with sharp cheese, smoked meats, fish, and beef.