Think Locally, Act Locally

Location of Origin: 1 Kendall Sq, Building 100, Cambridge, MA, USA
Date Established: 1989
Category: Independent, Micro Craft Brewpub with Moderate Local Distribution (only recently started bottling in 2011).

Despite the fact that this small brewery located in the heart of the tech sector of Boston, MA, has won numerous national and international awards for their distinctive beer, these guys are very locally minded. The food they serve is sourced from local farms. The ingredients used in their beer is grown locally. And their customers? Well, including the people who buy their newly bottled beers (something that was initiated in only 2011), they're local too. The Cambridge Brewing Company specializes in using, producing, and serving all local area goods to appeal to their clientele, which is usually comprised of young tech guys in Kendall Square or students from MIT... also young nerdy people. But there are also many who are just craft beer enthusiasts. Perhaps that's who they're concentrating on. And although the CBC has a modest brewpub facility, it still manages to churn out numerous seasonals, casks, and a full line of award winning perennials. Bottling is done on a rotational basis, usually determined by demand drive and seasonal beers.

Reviewed Beer from Cambridge Brewing Company

5-07-13 - Charles River Porter
2-26-13 - Sgt. Pepper
2-22-13 - Dry Hopped Cask Porter

All rated Beer from Cambridge Brewing Company

12-16-17 - Triple Threat - 4.07, Tripel, 10.00%
12-16-17 - Old Butternuts - 3.04, Old Ale, 9.10%
2-25-17 - Beantowne - 3.34, American Stout, 5.70%
2-25-17 - Punch You In The IPA - 3.28, American IPA, 7.00%
2-25-17 - zwIPL - 3.12, American India Pale Lager, 6.00%
2-25-17 - Koyt Pond - 2.91, American Pale Ale, 4.10%
10-01-17 - Tall Tale Pale Ale - 3.28, American Pale Ale, 5.90%
7-16-17 - Flower Child IPA - 3.17, American IPA, 6.50%
6-04-16 - Bullpen Hijinks!! - 2.42, Gose, 4.00%
1-15-16 - You Enjoy My Stout - 3.42, American Double/Imperial Stout, 10.20%
4-27-13 - Charles River Porter - 3.43, American Porter, 6.00%
Please see review above.
2-03-13 - Sgt. Pepper - 3.94, Chile/Pepper, 6.00%
Please see review above.
2-03-13 - Dry Hopped Cask Porter - 4.27, American Porter, 6.00%
Please see review above.
8-24-12 - Red God - 3.61, American Amber/Red Ale, 9.00%
This beer pours dark reddish brown with a slightly hazy appearance and a somewhat thick foam head. This is a fruity smelling beer dominated by some caramel malt and roasted malts, finishing with a bit of typical hoppy notes included. The flavor coincides with the aroma, starting off with a sweeter, citrusy and fruity malty character, turning a bit nutty and caramel like, and finishing with a nice hoppy finish that is average lasting. Lower than normal carbonation with a lower viscosity and a medium body.
11-03-11 - Great Pumpkin Ale! - 3.05, Pumpkin Ale, 4.40%
This seasonal beer produced for the fall months is brewed with local area (Massachusetts) pumpkins in small batches - the traditional New England Thanksgiving beer brewed since the colonial days. This beer was the first of its kind to be produced by a modern New England craft brewery, first being produced in 1990. Featuring a sweet, organic pumpkin flavor, this beer is dark amber/orange with a moderate amount of carbonation, a medium low body, and a lower viscosity. Spices are used to enhance the flavor.