Clowning Around

Location of Origin: 23 Hayward Street, Ipswich, MA, 01938, USA
Date Established: December 2009
Category: Micro, Craft, Contract Brewer (through Mercury Brewing Company), With Some Regional Distribution, and Very Limited National Distribution (7 States from Maine to Texas)

Back in the day, Beer Advocate based in Boston, MA had a contest to see who could come up with the best name for a beer. The contest was won by a brown nut ale named The Wrath of Pecant, which is currently produced by Dogfish Head. Four other names were chosen to be recognized as the top five fan favorites, of which, Clown Shoes was not present. Gregg Berman, (with some of his friends) was furious that their name, which reminds us all that we need to have fun along the way, wasn't chosen. So it was decided that he would create his own beer. It was originally intended that they would only produce a beer named clown shoes, intended to be a short lived, glorified hobby, above anything else. Of course, things didn't turn out that way (fortunately). The brewery was established late 2009 under the name Clown Shoes, producing a wide range of beers, focusing on beer styles which they say, are under represented in America, or are in desperate need of a shake up. Today, Berman, his friends, and the brewery continue to deliver on that promise, offering oft overlooked beer styles with plenty of quirkyness added in. And though clowns can be creepy (or questionable as the Berman puts it on their website), clown shoes were always funny to the guys, reminding them "about humility and to find humor in life." And we think that's a great concept. With the exception of maybe the red nose, clown shoes are the most familiar accessory to everyone, and though they're necessary for the job at hand, they're never to be taken too seriously. Clown Shoes Beer is meant to offer a real experience which may be hard to find, but at the same time, this is beer which is meant to be fun, enjoyed, shared, and experienced. They're certainly not asking for anyone to take beer too seriously, and thanks to reminders like clown shoes (and Clown Shoes Beer), we couldn't agree more.

Reviewed Beer from Clown Shoes Brewery

4-22-13 - Chocolate Sombrero
1-22-13 - Lubrication Black Ale

All rated Beer from Clown Shoes Brewery

4-28-18 - Bubble Farm IPA - 2.99, American IPA, 6.50%
3-24-16 - Galactica IPA - 3.11, American Double/Imperial IPA, 8.00%
2-27-16 - Blaercorn Unidragon - 3.54, American Double/Imperial Stout, 12.50%
10-25-15 - Pecan Pie Porter - 3.51, American Porter, 8.00%
12-20-14 - Hoppy Feet - 3.44, American Black Ale, 7.00%
12-04-14 - Tramp Stamp - 2.81, Belgian IPA, 7.00%
4-15-13 - Chocolate Sombrero - 2.73, American Double/Imperial Stout, 9.00%
Please see review above.
12-31-12 - Lubrication Black Ale - 3.72, American Black Ale, 6.00%
Please see review above.
8-24-12 - Pimp Double Brown - 3.55, American Double Brown Ale, 10.00%
This was a dark brown beer with a thinner foam head, a lower amount of carbonation action, and a medium full body. The aroma was full of roasty, caramel malts with a definitely noticeable level of alcohol. Fortunately, the nice blend of caramel, toffee, and coffee notes in the malt do a good job covering the higher level of alcohol in this warming, cooler weather beer. A slightly hoppy finish gives this beer a crispier finish than expected.
7-09-11 - Clementine White Ale - 2.48, Witbier, 6.00%
This is an easy going Belgian style witbier, which has a medium light body, a lower viscosity to match, and an overall lighter, airy, and whispy feel. A high amount of carbonation gives this beer a stronger clove, coriander, and slight orange peel aroma. Hops are definitely noticeable and deliver a subtle zest to the overall mix. The foam head is tall, but short lived.