Disconnection by Overconnection

Brewery and Country of Origin: Clown Shoes Beer of 23 Hayward Street, Ipswich, MA, 01938, USA

Date Reviewed: 1-22-13

Yes, we thought the same way. This provocatively named beer incites feelings of either overhead camshafts, or a one night stand. Fortunately, according to the bottle of this perennial offering from Clown Shoes Beer, the name "Lubrication" doesn't refer to either of these things. To them, this silky, slippery brew is a catalyst for friendly engagement, interpersonal integration, or in their own words, "Social Lubrication." And though this isn't our top choice of conveying the message, we must agree with the sentiment for two main reasons. First, this coincides with their broader identity: to create awesome beer which should be enjoyed, not taken too seriously, and of course, shared with friends. Second, this idea of actually socializing with other people, it just might catch on. Sadly, we can only joke that there is a chance that this concept of interaction with a person may cease to exist, simply because of the way society is headed... or at least how we see it going. Recently, while watching a hockey game (thank god the NHL is back), we saw a commercial for a texting service (we think) where all of these kids, in different locations, were texting one another. Finally, some girl's mom calls, asks what she's up to, and although the daughter is clearly by herself awkwardly sitting uncomfortably youthful like in a chair in the middle of a room, she responds, "just hanging with my friends." And it was at that moment that we realized it's all going to shit. The days of pickup street games, fishing, clubbing, dating, camping, traveling, dining, hiking, and all of the other interpersonal social events that mankind took for granted - even picking up the phone to call in an order for takeout... well, those days are gone. Not exactly. We don't mean to say that people couldn't be bothered to bother each other, but at the rate things are going, this horrifying possibility of a friendless (unless you're talking about Facebook) future, becomes more likely with each Google+ hangout, any instant upload, all of your embarassing and rather pathetic snapchats, and every tweet. Sure, these are all great things (except for snapchat) which, when used the right way, can enhance your life to some degree. But it's very easy to abuse these outlets. In fact, it's very easy to become myopic of what's really important: real life. Yes, the life outside of the confines of a bunch of computers connected together by glass and copper wiring (didn't know that fiber optics were glass, eh? Thank you Corning). You know, the life that includes things like beer. Oh, you forgot about this seemingly limitless concoction, which can be made with an endless supply of ingredients, to make an infinite amount of combinations, brewed together to create an impossible array of sensually rewarding results? Sure, beer can't send out funny quotes about politics, or mass distribute pictures of themselves in cowboy hats, but it can actually make memories. And we're not just talking about those memories which eventually do end up posted on someone's parent's wall. Memories like knowing who you were with, and where you all were when you had your first beer. Or remembering what trip you were on when you visited your favorite brewery. Or even reminiscing about the first time you had your favorite beer. Sure, even something as amazing as beer can sometimes haze these events... But don't blame the torrent of social media for that. Blame ethanol. Tasty, tasty ethanol. So while you're sitting there reading this and contemplating how you're going to spend the next nugget of time boggieboarding the web, maybe you should call a friend, and go to a bar, or throw a football around. Enjoying life with one friend will be infinitely better than trolling the web with a thousand.
Date Sampled: 12-31-12 At: 7 Prescott Place, Allston, Boston, MA, 02134, USA
Beer Style: American Black Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 6.00%
Serving Type: 22 oz Bottle, 16 oz Tumbler Glass
Rating: 3.72


Lubrication pours very choppy producing a large amount of carbonation action. This leads to a thick, inch tall foam head with a good density and a high level of retention. The color is very dark brown with a nearly opaque and slightly hazy appearance, caused by a very small amount of sendiment. This beer has a small amount of fring glow only in bright light. Only a small amount of lacing is on the glass.


This brew has a medium high strength aroma with a good balance of both rich malty sweet notes and bitter hoppy character. The malt is darker with some slight chocolate and coffee like notes, as well as a fair bit of roasted presence. The hops comes in sharper with a more pronounced singularity.


This is a medium full bodied beer with a heavy presence, high weight, and a medium high viscosity. Combined with a moderately lower level of carbonation, this American Black Ale is only meant for sipping, as its solid build will fill you pretty quickly. The beer has a very smooth texture which is almost soupy in weight. The finish is dry with a good amount of lingering.


A bold and pronounced roasted malt flavor is immediately present with a fair bit of coffee and slightly sweet undertones. This is quickly balanced with a big amount of hoppy flavor which stays on the tongue until the close. A lingering, bitter aftertaste is present for an average amount of time.

Our Take

Simply put, this was a very good beer. With bold malty flavors, a balanced aromatic profile, and a solid presence, this beer is an all encompassing satisfactory taste experience. This is also a relaxing enabler by which, you won't have to worry about what's going on with everyone else's day online, because you'll be too busy enjoying your own. The internet will only satisfy your eyes and your ears, while a great beer will satisfy much more. And that's part of the reason why beer is such a catalyst for memories. Take this particular beer, which was enjoyed with friends on New Year's Eve night, only hours before the dawn of 2013. Not to say you can't enjoy the night without a tasty bev, but few will disagree that it helps. This is a moderate strength beer which is fairly versatile in accompanying a meal, with or without heavier meats and lighter veggies. And while the flavors which make this beer great are quite pronounced, none of them are overwhelming or too strong for most people. Of course, you'll have to like more malty inclined brews to give this one a try, but don't expect a cup of espresso, hot cocoa, or a caramel latte. There is a good number of reasons why you should take time to enjoy beer. Perhaps not wasting your entire night stalking people online should be a good enough reason. But for us humans, it may be a little more than that. Drinking means enjoying beer and other beverages with friends and family. And though you can skype over a beer, it's not the same. So go, grab a six pack of your favorite or go-to bev, and share some memories with a friend who is more than just an online picture.