Do What You Love, Love What You Do

Location of Origin: 511 South Kalamazoo Avenue, Marshall, Michigan 49068, USA
Date Established: 1997
Category: Independent Microbrewery and Brewpub With Moderate Regional Distribution, Sparse National Distribution, 14 State Sales In Midwest, Northeast, and Atlantic Coast.

In this less than ideal economic climate, there is definitely something to be said about liking your job. Today you hear about jobless claims and un/underemployment running rampant in the streets, ruining everyone's day. But do you ever hear about stories about people loving their job? Sadly, that's a one in a (too big of a number) situation that you don't come across these days... or ever. But even more so, there's something to be said about a company which beams about its work environment. Of course, you could wait for Forbes' list of the 100 best companies to work for every year, but those are multi billion dollar companies with inflated salaries, swanky offices, or cushy benefits plans. And let's be real. Those 100 companies, albeit large, hardly employ everyone. So what about the rest of us? Well, you could choose to work for an employer which emphasizes financial results, or one which doesn't. And for those of you out there shaking your heads thinking, "the only way to start a business is with a business plan," no. We're not those people. While we do say that structure and proper guidance is a necessity, it alone won't fill your new private Gulfstream VI with SI swimsuit models, or adorn your three storey garage with collectable Ferraris. What will then, is either luck, or passion (and if you're Zuckerberg, a tanker load of both). Like we've always said, passion is what gives people that entrepreneurial spark, the will to dedicate more than what a simple job description, title, or pay grade will dictate. Too often these days, people only like their job because of the people who they've worked with, but they don't love their work. And as heartless and cold as it sounds, when you do decide that you're sick of your middle management position and move to the next corporate office down the street, you'll find new friends there, too. It's money that is what's driving them to make these irrational decisions, not happiness. And while money is important for life in the developed world, it means nothing if you're not happy, if you can't have fun living. And that brings us to Dark Horse Brewery. This is a group of brewers, friends, and fellow beer lovers, who decided to create a working atmosphere which, to the clueless beer reviewer whose never visited their brewery or even the State of Michigan, genuinely looks like an awesome place to make a living. You can tell by the smiles on their faces (of their team photos), or the language that they use on their website, that this isn't your ordinary "malt based beverage production facility." This is a microbrewery whose quality of their brews is matched only by the fun they have while making them. And don't think they're not serious about what they do. Their website claims that they make "some of the best fuckin' beer made in the great state of Michigan." They use natural, fair trade ingredients. And of course, their efforts show in the results. Almost routinely, their beer is being awarded some prize at a festival somewhere. In 2009, RateBeer ranked Dark horse as the 29th best craft brewery in the world. That was out of more than 13,000. Fun? Damn Straight. Serious about serious beer? You bet your ass they are.

Reviewed Beer from Dark Horse Brewing Company

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All rated Beer from Dark Horse Brewing Company

4-11-15 - Boffo Brown - 3.03, American Brown Ale, 7.00%
12-11-14 - Too Cream Stout - 3.28, Milk/Sweet Stout, 7.50%
1-16-12 - Perkulator Coffee Doppelbock - 3.24, Doppelbock, 7.50%
If you are a fan of American bocks, give this a try when you can find it on tap. This Autumn seasonal offers traditional doppelbock flavors with a coffee accent, if you couldn't read the name a couple lines above. This beer is full of rich dark malty flavors, coffee beans, and a solid stature with a slightly creamy texture. The Perkulator is of a German style, but the addition of fair trade coffee breaks this beer isn't a reinheitsgebot compliant beer. We can't complain. Toasted notes give this bold beer a porter like aroma and feel. This brew is moderately carbonated with a somewhat clean finish, and a typical dark colored appearance. The brewery's only lager has a medium full presence with a lingering, sweeter aftertaste.