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Location of Origin: 200 Spanish Town Road, Kingston, Surrey Kingston, Jamaica
Date Established: 1918
Category: Public (JSE: DG) Subsidiary (58% owned by Diageo) Macro Contract Brewery with Full Scale Domestic Distribution, Moderate International Distribution, 750 Employees, and $150 Million of Annual Revenue.

Formed by a small scale merger between entrepreneurs Eugene Peter Desnoes and Thomas Hargreaves Geddes in 1918, Desnoes and Geddes is a Jamaican brewery which contract brews for major international brands like Guinness (a sister brand for owner Diageo), and Heineken for distribution around the Caribbean. On top of that, they brew domestic brands like Red Stripe, one of Jamaica's best selling and oldest brands of beer, being first brewed more than 75 years ago. Dragon Stout is another well known beverage, being brewed with two row malt imported from Europe, as well as caramel, roasted malt, and brown sugar. Despite being majority owned by London based Diageo, a small portion of the company is publicly traded on the Jamaican Stock Exchange under the symbol DG. In 1993, Diageo purchased 58% of the company, which sold off its soft drink business, including popular Caribbean soda brand Ting, to PepsiCo in 1999. The brewery's brands are influential across much of the Caribbean, especially at home in Jamaica, where Red Stripe sponsors the Jamaican Olympic National Bobsled team, the Cricket Championships, and the National Soccer team. Red Stripe is distributed and enjoyed around the world.

Reviewed Beer from Desnoes And Geddes Ltd

1-02-14 - Dragon Stout

All rated Beer from Desnoes And Geddes Ltd

10-31-13 - Dragon Stout - 2.94, Foreign/Export Stout, 7.50%
Please see review above.
5-13-10 - Red Stripe - 2.34, Lager, 4.70%
First brewed in 1938, this is D&G's best selling domestic beer, sold in multiple continents. This is a pale lager with an overall grainy character, some pale malt flavor, and a slightly balancing dull hoppy aftertaste. This is a light bodied beer with a medium high amount of carbonation and a clear, appearance with a golden shine. Red Stripe is distributed in both cans and bottles, and its brand sponsors many musical groups as well as sports teams and events around the world.