Spelt Fest

Location of Origin: Tubinger StraBe 46, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg 70178, Germany
Date Established: 1888
Category: Independent Regional Brewery With A Single Facility, Broad Regional Distribution And Moderate International Distribution, Largest Brewery in Stuttgart.

Founded by Carl Dinkelacker in 1888 in Stuttgart, Germany, Dinkelacker is a regional brewery which still operates out of its original location. Its name means "Spelt Field" in German, referring to the brewery's local sourced ingredients, including spelt. Spelt, sometimes known as "dinkel wheat" is an ancient species of wheat originating from 5000 BC. It is a hybrid of two other kinds of wheat and has a history of being widely used in Europe during ancient times, as well as the Biblical times. Spelt is forbidden for use during Passover, except when used in Matzo. It was eventually replaced with more common forms fo bread and baking (common) wheat that we're familiar with today. Spelt has been experiencing a bit of a revival as the organic farming movement gains momentum, as it's cheaper to cultivate and requires less fertilizer than conventional wheat. The brewery uses this special kind of wheat in some of their unfiltered beers. All 8 of the beers crafted by Dinkelacker adhere to Germany's Reinheitsgebot Purity Law. The brewery participates in many local and regional beer festivals, as well as hosted events. In celebration of the brewery's 125th anniversary this year, they brewed a special cellared, conditioned anniversary wheat beer.

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6-08-11 - Dinkelacker CD Pils - 2.65, Pilsner, 5.10%
This Pilsner is brewed with noble hops and features herb like aromas and flavors. This bottom fermented, clear beer is rather grassy, typical of the style, and contains pale and pilsner malt. This is served in .33 L longneck bottles and is distributed internationally.